Remote work has been around for a while, but the current landscape has expedited the need to be effective remotely.  It can be overwhelming to overhaul your routines and processes, especially in the middle of a challenging time for staffing businesses. To ensure a smooth experience from your go-live date onwards, we reached out to the Bullhorn Consulting Solutions team for their best remote tips.

Going Live with Your Staffing Technology

The week of go-live often involves key activities that are onsite, but with the right approach, you can kick off your adoption remotely. Here are methods the Bullhorn team uses to ensure a successful launch.

Create a Virtual Success Room:

Organizations often establish a physical war room for a major software launch. This dedicated space facilitates communication, execution and decision-making. We call it a Success Room. Establish a Virtual Success Room through a trusted communication channel of your choice.

Leverage Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Encourage SMEs to conduct a check-in with their designated group.  SMEs should also be a part of daily check-in call with the project team for answers to common questions.

Monitor Daily Logins

Utilize baseline reports to verify users who have logged in. Your SMEs can then follow up with users who haven’t logged in yet to ensure team-wide adoption.

Schedule Q&A Sessions

Some team members may require extra help. Run a focused virtual  session to go through tips and tricks. These can be conducted virtually. Encourage the users to share their screen so you can coach them in real time.

Training Your Team Remotely

The Bullhorn team runs what we call “Hands-On Learning” or a “Virtual Onsite”. These sessions are more interactive than webinars and can be a more effective way to train.

Attend Virtual SME Training

These sessions are divided into small chunks of learning over a course of a week and cover important topics your SMEs need to know.

Encourage End-User Training

We split end-user training into basics and advanced sessions. For go-live, it’s essential to ensure users know enough to locate all data and perform key tasks.  After go-live, advanced training is conducted that reinforces best practices and ensures users aren’t overwhelmed with training all at once.

Encouraging Adoption Remotely

Motivate Your Team with Contests

Gamification is a strong tool to encourage system use in the crucial first few weeks of adoption. Through this method, you can encourage users to explore all areas of the application. We have a library of common ideas to help you design the right virtual contests.

Leverage Success Reporting

The week your team goes live, you’ll have  access to login reports.  After a week, you should incorporate other success metrics—essential KPIs agreed by your team. Review this data weekly to understand where efforts for remote coaching sessions should occur.  Track metrics that measure usage, data quality, and performance.

Implement Weekly Coaching

Run weekly coaching sessions for your SMEs that leverage adoption data to encourage key activities and answer common questions. They can then use these to train their teams more effectively.

COVID-19 Resources for Staffing and Recruiting Agencies

The team at Bullhorn is working hard to bring you the most up-to-date content, government guidance, data, and webinars to keep you informed. Explore this page for resources to guide you through this challenging time.

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