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Use SMS to Engage Candidates

Are your recruiters communicating with candidates in their preferred way?

Modern technology lets people connect in more ways than ever before. And one way tops most people’s list: the text message (SMS).
More than 4.2 billion people worldwide text and it’s projected the world will send 8.3 trillion SMS messages this year alone – 23 billion per day or almost 16 million per minute.1 That’s more than half the world’s population actively using their phones every day.

Since people are more likely to open and respond to texts than emails, it’s smart business to add SMS messaging to your candidate engagement strategy. Plus, texting is a great way to build relationships while boosting how candidates feel about your agency: over 70 percent of people say they had an improved experience with a company that interacted with them via text messages.2

With Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system (ATS), you can keep your agency on the cutting edge and use SMS messages to engage candidates.

Depending on the functionality you need, you can leverage SMS messaging in two ways:

Bullhorn SMS Marketplace Partners
Text up to 200 contacts at a time directly within Bullhorn’s ATS. Create notes automatically when you send texts and when candidates receive messages. Our Marketplace partners offer turnkey solutions that are fully integrated with Bullhorn. Evaluate multiple options and choose the best solution for your agency.

Use SMS messages to help you stand out to candidates, qualify them faster, decrease your time-to-fill, and make more placements while creating an incredible candidate experience.

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Why It Makes Sense to Text

“In the right situations, sending our candidates a text message has increased our response rate 46%.”

– Radhika Arora, Director of Inbound Recruiting at Open Systems Technologies

People open them more:

SMS messages have a 98 percent open rate vs. 20 percent for emails.3

People read them faster:

Once they’re sent, people read 95 percent of text messages within 3 minutes.4

People respond to texts more:

Text messages have a 45 percent response rate vs. 6 percent for emails.5

Texts make you stand out:

If everyone’s emailing, why not set your agency apart by communicating through another channel?

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