Is Your Data ‘Breaking’ Your Automations?

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As automation continues to be ‘the’ thing in the world of recruitment tech, users are reporting huge amounts of time saved and efficiencies created. If automation is the new trend everyone wants to be involved in, data is its less cool sidekick… but it’s also the key to making those automations work. If you’re using automations, or thinking about incorporating this into your processes, then trust us – you NEED to be including data cleansing as part of your plan!

The impact of bad data on recruiting automation

Dirty data is inevitable, and it often happens without you even noticing – 62% of organisations rely on data that’s up to 40% inaccurate. Here are some key examples of how this can affect your recruiting automations…

Example 1: Checking in with clients

The data challenge: Duplicate records
The detail: The same client has entered your CRM in three different ways, meaning there are duplicate records. This results in your automation sending the same email three separate times.
The fix: Merge duplicate records to ensure you’re starting with only one clean record.

Example 2: Candidate survey

The data challenge: Outdated / inactive records
The detail: You run a marketing-led survey on the candidates in your database. There are hundreds of thousands of records in there, so you are expecting a good reply rate. But the responses you get end up being far fewer than anticipated.
The fix: Search for candidates that you haven’t spoken to within a specific timeframe and set them to ‘Archived’ so that you can start excluding them from your automations.

 Example 3: Targeting candidates with specific skills

The data challenge: Out of date skills
The detail: You have a developer role you need to fill so you’ve set up an automation to target candidates with specific skills. After pushing the automation live you realise it’s reaching a lot fewer candidates than you had expected. You then realise that the primary and secondary skills on your records are out of date and don’t match what you included on the automation.
The fix: Create a hotlist containing candidates with both the primary and secondary skills and mass update them for the records on that list.

How you can action these fixes and much more

Kyloe DataTools gives you everything you need to dedupe, identify stale records, and make mass updates to your data with ease:

  • Merging duplicates: Kyloe DataTools lets you merge duplicates your way. Choose to merge them individually or as a mass update with up to 1,000 records in one go. You can even automatically scan for duplicates overnight and have a list of master records and potential duplicates ready to approve for merging in the morning.
  • Finding outdated records: Kyloe DataTools helps to easily delete outdated Bullhorn records so that you can start to exclude them from your automations, and start focusing your time on the right records.
  • Making bulk updates: Up until recently, bulk updates involved time-consuming manual processes, or costly third-party projects. Kyloe DataTools puts you in charge of your data and allows you to roll-out bulk updates in Bullhorn quickly and easily. There’s even a revert button to undo and restore your data within 30 days, if you make any mistakes.

Our customers experience

Based in Munich, HiPo Executive is a consultancy that specialises in bringing qualified doctors and hospitals together with talent management. They have been using Bullhorn since 2011 and recently added Herefish to their platform.

The challenges they were facing

HiPo first came to Kyloe for some custom data work in 2018, but over time their data started to decay again and staying on top of their data quality was getting harder. The main challenges included:

  • Time-consuming manual data management processes
  • Business was growing and struggling to maintain efficiency
  • Ensuring automations were based on clean and accurate data

What they wanted to improve

As a company that places a high value on data quality, HiPo were looking for a solution that would allow them to take ongoing maintenance into their own hands. The key improvements they were looking for included:

  • Enable data cleansing processes that could scale with the company
  • Ensure data was not compromised and quality remained high
  • Facilitate Herefish automations than run smoothly

Ticking all the boxes with Kyloe DataTools

Kyloe DataTools ticked all the boxes for HiPo’s objectives. This Bullhorn product comes with three modules: DataRules, DataCleaner, and Duplikit. All three modules can be used together to get data ‘Herefish ready’ and puts the user in full control of their data updates instead of relying on a third-party to handle it.

We use Kyloe DataTools, and particularly DataRules, on a daily basis; the data manipulation capabilities are very powerful. It’s part of the process we go through when building a new Herefish automation – we always look at what data changes are needed to make sure the automation works as intended.” – Dan Brazier, Managing Director – HiPo

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Sources: 62% of organisations rely data that’s up to 40% inaccurate

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