Bullhorn Business Intelligence: Expanded and Improved!

With over 10 years of experience working with customers like you, we at Bullhorn have seen first-hand how critical business intelligence is to success of firms in the recruiting and staffing industry. In recent years, almost all types of businesses have begun leveraging data to operate more effectively, driving the need for a strong set of technologies and processes that use data to understand and analyze business performance, also known as business intelligence. In a numbers-driven industry like staffing, keeping up with this macro trend affords an especially significant opportunity for greater competitive advantage, faster growth and increased profit.

With these things in mind, we are excited to announce the availability of expanded and improved business intelligence capabilities. These will allow you to harness your Bullhorn data more fully and drive your business forward even faster. Now, Bullhorn customers will be able to improve firm performance with capabilities that offer complete reporting directly from your Bullhorn data, which is accessible easily and quickly from where you and your team already work in Bullhorn. These new capabilities include two parts:

  • An upgrade to the reports that are out-of-the-box within Bullhorn
  • A closer partnership with Bullhorn partner InsightSquared
Bullhorn Standard Reports and Dashboards With our upgraded Bullhorn standard reports and dashboards you’ll be able to leverage the expertise and best practices that Bullhorn has gained in over 10 years of working with recruiting and staffing firms, baked right in to out-of-the-box reports.

  • Role-based dashboards allow recruiters, salespeople, managers, and executives to save time by focusing only on the key metrics for their role
  • Personalized data provides individuals and teams instant visibility into the goals and metrics specific to them
  • A configurable layout allows you to tailor your view to individual preference or work style
  • The ability to drill down and drill through from summary data to detail enables fast action
  • Excel export empowers you to answer burning questions that arise outside of your typical operational reporting
  • A new, more flexible reporting infrastructure allows you to expand your reporting toolkit with Bullhorn-built custom reports more quickly and easily
We are also excited to have formed an even closer partnership with InsightSquared for firms that strive to truly run their business by the numbers. InsightSquared extends the reporting capabilities within Bullhorn by adding:
  • Data quality monitoring to increase the usefulness and accuracy of all reporting from your Bullhorn system, helping eliminate the age-old problem of “garbage in, garbage out”
  • Real-time information about both positive activities and areas of concern with alerts delivered in-app and via email, enabling a more data-driven approach throughout your company
  • Ability to predict future bookings and revenue by leveraging the tool’s forecasting algorithms
  • Additional advanced analytics and visualization
  • Integration with multiple data sources such as M5 for phone and QuickBooks for accounting
In addition to these unique features, Bullhorn and InsightSquared will now be more tightly integrated, offering users the ability to:
  • Drill through from InsightSquared reports directly to specific Bullhorn records to take action
  • See key InsightSquared data (such as data errors and/or jobs that are stalled) from within the Bullhorn application
  • More easily get up and running using InsightSquared via Bullhorn
How to Get
The new Standard Reports and Dashboards are FREE for all Bullhorn customers, so contact the Bullhorn support team to schedule your upgrade.

This Bullhorn Blog post was written by Kristin Zajac.

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