Bullhorn and LinkedIn Team Up to Improve Recruiter Productivity

Today we’re excited to announce the integration of the Bullhorn ATS/CRM with LinkedIn Recruiter. This is a major productivity enhancement for users of the Bullhorn ATS/CRM and LinkedIn Recruiter as it enables them to work inside Bullhorn uninterrupted while reaping the functional benefits of LinkedIn Recruiter. Bullhorn is the first staffing-specific ATS/CRM product with LinkedIn integration, testament to Bullhorn’s large share of the recruiting agency market and leadership in the recruiting software space.

This integration will enable users of the Bullhorn ATS/CRM Corporate or Enterprise editions who also use LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate or Professional Services editions to view candidates’ or contacts’ LinkedIn records within Bullhorn. While in LinkedIn Recruiter, users will be able to see if the profile they’re viewing has a contact record in Bullhorn, via an “In Bullhorn” badge. The LinkedIn record will display the link to the Bullhorn record, and users will be able to click through the badge to view the record in Bullhorn, streamlining the workflow between the product and the platform and reducing the need to shuffle from window to window.

If you’re a Bullhorn customer who uses LinkedIn Recruiter and you’re interested in learning more about the integration, please contact us here.

To read LinkedIn’s blog post on the integration, visit this page.

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