Bullhorn Live is Electric

There’s a current of excitement running through the various conference rooms, restaurant space and corridors of the Marriott Long Wharf hotel in Boston. The Bullhorn team is visibly excited to see more than 200 customers in the same place at once — from Ralph Bellisano at Versatech, who was the first to buy Bullhorn for his firm and is still learning about and implementing new functionality, to many new Bullhorn customers who are here for initiation to the world of Bullhorn and plan to bring back knowledge to help implementation processes back at their offices.

Barry is proud of the relationships Bullhorn has with all of its 10,000 users. He can share anecdotes about Bullhorn’s roots and the evolution of Bullhorn from a bold idea to an industry leader that delivers all the functionality recruiters and staffing professionals need to do their jobs on a daily basis. And Art did a great job explaining the company’s bold choices and presenting Bullhorn’s newest innovations to a packed Grand Ballroom.

Focusing solely on staffing and recruiting firms and sticking to their principles helped Bullhorn launch and grow as a company that bet on “On Demand” delivery of software just as the Internet bubble burst. Since the launch Bullhorn has boldly built an industry-specific, “better than Outlook” email solution — today Art and Barry are throwing down the gauntlet and urging the staffing and recruiting industry to throw away Outlook and get on board with Bullhorn’s integrated email in order to better communicate with clients, candidates and contacts. They’ve also integrated Bullhorn with job boards, sophisticated reporting functionality, and training tools from industry guru Danny Cahill to ensure that Bullhorn is truly an all-in-one environment with all of the functionality staffing and recruiting professionals need to “live in Bullhorn.”

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