Provide a Great Candidate Onboarding Experience with Bullhorn


Bullhorn Onboarding allows recruiters to manage new hire documents and get candidates to work quickly.


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Providing a great candidate experience has never been more important, particularly at the point of placement. Today’s tech-savvy candidates expect agencies to adopt technology and streamline manual processes. Using Bullhorn Onboarding, your agency can say goodbye to paperwork and “hello” to a seamless and automated candidate experience.

Companies that use the Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System can now automate the candidate documentation process with a single onboarding tool that improves recruitment consultant productivity. 

Bullhorn Onboarding allows recruiters to send, track and manage new hire documents such as offer letters, direct deposit forms, and tax
documents. Recruiters now have one place where they can keep track of candidates who are eligible for work or still owe them information. They can also monitor expiration dates for licenses and certifications, and
mitigate employer non-compliance resulting from missing paperwork.

With Bullhorn Onboarding’s new pre-hire functionality, recruiters can initiate new hire packages to candidates before they’re even placed in a job. They can also configure new hire packages for specific positions or companies, helping to ensure that candidates receive all the forms and documents they need.

To further enhance the candidate experience, Bullhorn provides agencies with a secure, branded portal to keep track of required new hire forms and documents. After recruitment consultants initiate a pre-hire or new hire package from within Bullhorn, candidates can sign in to the portal to complete documents, upload digital attachments, and provide electronic signatures. It’s just one more way that Bullhorn strives to help its clients provide their customers with incredible experiences every day.

Watch our Onboarding Overview Video here for more information!


Interested in learning more? Request a demonstration of Bullhorn and discover the benefits of recruitment software built for humans. 

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