First Day of Bullhorn Live!

The first night of Bullhorn Live 2009 started off with a blast.  At the welcome reception Art and Barry thanked all the customers who helped them achieve the 10 year anniversary milestone.  They pointed out that the sessions at Bullhorn Live 2009 will help clients learn more ways to use Bullhorn, beyond the basics.  The companies I spoke with agreed that this was valuable as everyone in the company is required to use Bullhorn to some degree, but that does not mean that they are getting as much out of it as they could.

One executive told me she uses the “Bullhorn bulls” stress reliever toys during training with her staff to bribe them, so they will come in and learn new things about the system.  I heard the comment “in 12 years in the staffing industry, Bullhorn is the best database I have ever used.”  Also, that since using Bullhorn, this company has seen a “sharp increase in their productivity.” But because they rely on it so much, anytime that Bullhorn is down, their company is down.  But that this has become far less frequent these days.

Another executive I spoke with is here to decide if Bullhorn makes sense for his company – he said that the Bullhorn execs have 3 days to show him that investing in the system will actually help him make more money this year.  From just the first few hours of the event I can see that networking with peers is a huge part of the value – my dinner table was discussing the value of different career sites, comparing outsourcing strategies and suggesting options to try.  Beyond the sessions, the value of learning from industry peers is huge.

The sessions begin bright and early in the morning!

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