How to Buy Software for your Front Office

Over the last six months I have seen a shift in the way people are buying software in this market. As the markets continue to drive growth in staffing and recruiting firms of all sizes the stakeholders that benefit the… Read More

Guess What? IT Does Matter!

This article in Business Week really caught my eye because it hits so close to home for many of us. A few years ago, Nicholas G. Carr, former executive editor of the Harvard Business Review, wrote an article titled, IT… Read More

The Times are a Changin’

I consider PrideStaff an early adopter. Not of Bullhorn per se, but of a new movement, a shift away from shrink-wrapped software. It’s a lifestyle change, and with most every lifestyle change it’s not always easy. We have to make… Read More

Mom Corps on the Today Show

Last week, Bullhorn customer, Allison Karl O’Kelly of Mom Corps, appeared on NBC’s Today Show. There were a few cheers in our office last week as we watched the clip online and saw Bullhorn displayed on everyone’s screen in the Mom Corps… Read More

Easier Sale?

I had a conversation with an early Bullhorn client a couple weeks ago, Dave Melville, President of The Bowdoin Group. We got to talking about Bullhorn’s growth and he asked me if we were having an easier time winning new… Read More

The New Field of Dreams?

If you build it, will they come? I’m sure that’s a question Joe, Barry and Art are asking right now. Kudos to Bullhorn for taking the lead in building a Web 2.0, community supported resource. As a marketing professional dedicated… Read More

Optional On Demand?

I just returned from the Staffing Industry Executive Forum in Miami – 4 intense days of meetings and discussions with executives from some of the Staffing and Recruiting Industry’s top performing firms. It was a fantastic conference. Four years into… Read More