Quit Wishin’ & Hopin’…

….that business will get better. Get out there, create a sales process, and stick to it. When I work with a small staffing company (just the owner or the owner and a couple of recruiters) I’ll often find that the owner started off with a plan to bring in business, but they get a little weary and then slack off. The owner needs to pick the kids up, or the car isn’t running well, or there is SOOOooo much stuff to do in the office that they just can’t get out there that often for the purpose of business development. UGH! They may hire a sales rep. and experience some expensive turnover. Then business starts drying up and they hit the road again to stir things up and then the cycle repeats.

It is important to have a plan and to work that plan. Schedule your time so that you always do the business development part. You can catch up with paperwork during non-prime time hours or on the weekends. It takes a massive effort to get a business rolling; if you coast too long, you may start a slide that is steeper than you imagine.

This Bullhorn Blog post was written by Jim Della Volpe. 

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