Introducing Bullhorn Back Office Onboarding

New hire document management can be painful.  Any recruiter who has found the perfect fit for a client but struggled with new hire paperwork knows it.  What forms does this candidate need?  How do I get the forms to them?  Why are they asking if we’re going to store their personal data securely?  “What is a fax machine?”

We’re excited to introduce a faster way for staffing firms to make new hire document management easy: Bullhorn Onboarding.  Creating forms for a diverse set of clients is a problem that most staffing firms are too happy to have, in theory.  Having many clients is usually a good thing, but with that blessing comes the burden of needing to serve each client individually: custom offer letters, different government paperwork, and multiple locations.  Every time a recruiter makes a placement, they should simply earn the right to celebrate rather than worry about a potential painful candidate experience!

Over the years, many software providers have tried to solve this problem, and some have done a pretty good job serving corporate HR departments.  Staffing firms, however, need a solution tailored specifically for third-party recruiting – as they have many clients, and want to use the data they’re already storing in their recruitment CRM.  Existing software solutions don’t effectively serve these staffing firms who need to provide many clients with custom forms that integrate Bullhorn data, and who need to be able to create or update unique forms on the fly.

Staffing firms need to be able to track the status of many new hires for many different clients, so they can push everyone through the onboarding process in a timely manner. They need to provide contractors with a high level of service, which in this case means an online portal for easy form completion – no more fax machines, printers, scanners, or snail mail.

In just a few short months, beta customers of Bullhorn Back Office Onboarding have reduced their new hire paperwork and E-Verify process time by 60%.  If you’re tired of waiting for paperwork to arrive, manually filling in data from your ATS, or feeling powerless that your candidate forgot to sign the last page, we invite you to learn more about our newest solution.

For more on Bullhorn Back Office Onboarding, or to learn how your staffing firm’s new hire document management doesn’t have to be painful, please visit:

For a demonstration of what Bullhorn Back Office Onboarding can do for your business, watch our video.


This Bullhorn Blog post was written by Matt O’Brien.

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