The ‘Not So Serious’ Way to Encourage Recruitment Software Adoption


Bullhorn SalesDuel – Driving Recruitment Software Adoption Through Gamification


The biggest concern recruitment managers have when updating their recruitment CRM software is whether or not it will be well adopted by their consultants. After all, there’s little point investing in software if no one’s going to use it. 

You might be surprised to learn that statistically speaking, over half of all CRM implementations fail to achieve organisation-wide adoption. It happens in cases where new software is either a poor fit for the business, or that the business itself doesn’t have an adoption plan to support it.

Solving the problem of adoption is a priority for all recruitment software vendors. While some software vendors take the problem of adoption seriously, the most progressive software vendors take a more playful approach. Surprised? Let me explain.

Achieving data accuracy and system efficiency is serious business, but making it seems as such is not the most effective way to encourage adoption. The key question that software vendors (and recruitment managers for that matter) must ask is, ‘How can I make data entry easy, rewarding and above all, fun?’.

Wearing my sales manager hat, I’m confident in making this generalisation; sales professionals won’t chase a goal without a reward — especially if they don’t like the task at hand. A great recruitment system adoption plan is therefore built around reward and encouragement. One way software vendors are able to create such a rewarding experience is through gamification.

Enterprise gamification is not a new concept. In fact, it’s been used to varying degrees of success since 2011. For those not yet acquainted with the term, gamification is about turning otherwise menial and rewardless tasks into a fun, incentivised gaming experience.

By 2020, over half of the global workforce will be millennials and according to Gallup, only 28.9% of them are actively engaged in their job. Millennials have grown up immersed in technology and with that, they have a higher demand for stimulation. Considering two out of three millennials regularly play video games at home, bringing gamification into the professional environment makes a great deal of sense for boosting engagement. However, adoption and engagement are two different things.

Where gamification can fail is when it comes to striking the right balance between being fun or ‘engaging’, and actually achieving the business goal at hand; software adoption. If too much emphasis is placed on fun, business goals can be forgotten and the game soon becomes a distraction. But when all the focus is on the business challenge, the game ceases to be engaging and starts to feel ‘gimmicky’ — like those poorly disguised ‘education’ games your kids hate.

Bullhorn’s SalesDuel is an example of a gamification product built to be both fun and effective at driving adoption. It’s a fantasy football-themed sales leaderboard that integrates into the Bullhorn Recruitment CRM. Managers set the teams, create a tournament and dictate how many points are to be rewarded for each system action. The teams then complete system actions to gain points toward a real-life prize but we leave that part up to you.

In a nutshell, SalesDuel helps you solve the adoption problem in three key ways:

1. It provides real-time transparency for management by becoming your sales scoreboard.


2. It’s based on teamwork and competition which keeps things fun. Display SalesDuel on a public monitor within your office to drive competition.


3. It integrates directly into Bullhorn and system actions convert into game scores automatically, reinforcing data integrity.


Want to encourage recruitment system adoption and improve engagement? Try SalesDuel for free and create your first sales tournament within minutes.


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