Bullhorn’s S Release Takes the Stage

Bullhorn is obsessed with speed.  We know that every second we save helps you respond before the competition, so you can win more business.  If you can move faster, you can be first. All of our work is aimed at answering the simple question, “How can you move faster?”

S Release is our latest answer to that question.

A Grand Performance

Bullhorn’s performance is unmatched. We’ve tuned every screen in Bullhorn’s ATS/CRM to load faster and require 40% fewer clicks (35% and 61% fewer for customers upgrading from MaxHire and Sendouts respectively).  That means you can narrow a candidate search from thousands of hits to the right people in seconds, far faster than your non-Bullhorn-using competitors who will be left choking in your dust.   You’ll work that candidate list faster as well using the new Slideout view instead of clicking, waiting on and editing on each separate record.  You’ll easily get to the right candidate AND be the first to submit.

Behind the Curtain

Faster speed comes from more than just a streamlined workflow.  Backstage, Bullhorn has already made a combination of infrastructure and architecture improvements to speed up how the software responds to you.  Our average page request time is down to 440 milliseconds, with 96% of all requests completing in less than one second.  Now with S Release, your lists and searches return results 60% faster than before. You can search over 100 million resumes in less than half a second!

The Show You Already Know

As one of our beta testers told us, “The best part is that at its core, it’s still Bullhorn’s system.” It’s a system designed to help you move faster by smoothly handling interruptions – the surprise calls, phone tag, and schedule chases that are de rigueur for any recruiter or sales professional in this industry.

We know these interruptions are a way of life.  We’ve written about this before: that about 50% of a recruiter’s tasks are scheduled, with the rest of them unplanned need-it-now activities.  That the average recruiter deals with up to 50 interruptions per day.  That at a minute per interruption, a 10-person staff could be losing about 2000 hours and over $250,000 of potential revenue each year.

By staying true to its roots – the left-side “bowling alley,” the Task List, and the intelligent drop-down pickers – Bullhorn’s ATS/CRM keeps you moving quickly from one task to another so you can switch contexts swiftly and cut your interruptions times in half.

Choose Your Own Seat

S Release frees also users to work anywhere, anytime, using their choice of computer and browser.  One of our beta users, Neil Clements of Red Sofa, says “S Release is fully Mac-compatible, running on Chrome, and it works like a dream.” Mac users enjoy native support in Safari or Chrome without switching back and forth with VMware.

Running Time

If you’re not already using Bullhorn, then take a closer look at your current system.   Grab a stopwatch and time yourself: how long does it take you to switch from updating one record to calling up another?  Add to that how long it takes to find your way back to the original record.  That context switching, coupled with other delays your system introduces, is costing your team minutes or hours each day, adding up to thousands of hours each year. Bullhorn S Release can streamline and supercharge your activity. Beta tester Daniel Guelzo of Optomi commented that his team reached their highest Bullhorn activity levels ever after rolling out S Release.

Interesting in learning more about S Release? Visit: https://www.bullhorn.com/au/news-and-press/press-releases/new-bullhorn-atscrm-enables-60-faster-searches-43-more-placements/?LS=Website&LSD=Blog&utm_source=Website&utm_medium=Blog&utm_campaign=S_Release

This Bullhorn Blog post was written by Andrew Hally.

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