The New Generation of Tech-Savvy Recruiters


It’s incredibly competitive in the Australian recruitment industry right now and sourcing quality talent in just about any industry is ‘do-or-die’, determining the success of both individuals and businesses as a whole. Consequently, the demand for recruiters who can attract and retain this talent is ever-rising, and being a tech-savvy recruiter is fast becoming a prerequisite for any good consultant’s resume.

Working in a fast-paced and often cutthroat recruitment industry isn’t for the faint of heart. With the turbocharger of recruitment technology adding fuel to the fire, recruiters who aren’t able to keep up with a changing landscape will soon find themselves trailing in the dust. Natural selection is at play and too many Australian recruiters still devoted to job boards or Linkedin are beginning to feel the pinch due to their refusal to adapt.

The 2015 APAC trends report by Bullhorn found that 30% of APAC recruitment business expected substantial revenue and personnel growth in 2015, which means that these positions will need to be filled by either seasoned recruiters or “new blood” millennials. Recruitment has always been a high staff turnover industry and this coupled with the millennial reputation for being notorious job-hoppers only adds more importance to supporting your existing team with the right technology platform.

tech-savvy recruiterHiring managers, however, should not hesitate to bring in new blood with technology and recruiting becoming increasingly intertwined. Investing in the younger generation of tech-savvy recruiters could prove to be a very wise decision as they don’t necessarily need an extensive background in recruiting; in fact part of the benefit of a fresh batch is that they are exactly that, fresh. We can liken them to a blank canvas, they come without any bad habits and inefficient methods from past experience.

Simply having a strong background of IT experience, a sales-oriented mindset, and the right training is all that is required to produce superstars in the industry. This isn’t to say that old recruiters can’t learn new tricks, as they certainly can, especially given an intuitive platform on which to learn, but they will be competing with a new generation of recruiters who live and breathe technology and were likely able to use smartphones from an early age. Technology to the millennial generation is every bit as intuitive as changing clothing.

This raises a unique dilemma for recruitment companies who are using clunky outdated platforms as they could find their new recruits becoming increasingly frustrated having to work through these systems on a daily basis. Conversely, updating to a newer system could be met with resistance from senior recruiters who are resistant to change. The solution is a character trait Bullhorn has prioritised since inception; a recruitment CRM needs to be intuitive. Bullhorn provides an excellent solution that not only provides the freedom and speed on which tech experts will thrive, but also the unbridled simplicity and training that tech-avoidant recruiters will appreciate.

If you’re interested in seeing just how we’ve achieved this, click here for a live demonstration.


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