The Bullhorn Marketplace: Future-Proofing for Your Technology Investment

In 1999 we launched Bullhorn, an application exclusively delivered via Software as a Service or SaaS. At the time, people told us that the internet was for buying books and other people’s used stuff, not for enterprise software. I must have heard a thousand times, “large companies will never host their data on the internet”. Today, the market has turned 180 degrees and the world’s largest staffing firms will only consider cloud-based, zero-install solutions. Premised-based applications (i.e., those that involve a server on site or software installed on desktops) have officially been put on the endangered species list.

Since day one, a desire to challenge status quo in the industry with game-changing innovation has fueled Bullhorn’s efforts. And, today we announced the launch of our latest innovation, the Bullhorn Marketplace– the industry’s first destination for staffing and recruiting software applications and services. Much like the iPhone and Facebook have opened their platforms to the development community with much success, Bullhorn has now opened its application platform to partners, customers and developers. With access to a rich set of APIs, now Bullhorn’s Alliance Partners can bring their products and services, all pre customized with Bullhorn, directly to our fast growing community of over 15,000 staffing and recruiting professionals worldwide.

What this means for our Customers: The number of technologies and online services that enhance productivity in the staffing industry has exploded – from job boards to communications tools, back office services to assessments and social networks. Recruiters and sales people are no longer judged on their ability to work a phone. The myriad of applications they use every waking hour on their PCs and mobile devices enhances their edge in the market. Likewise, the integration between the back and front office is no longer a demand from executive teams, but an absolute necessity. By opening up our platform to our partners, customers and the broader development community, we are breaking all of the chains that held true innovation back for decades. Now, a small, emerging vendor has the same opportunity that the large vendors have to integrate with our platform. And, we’ve made the evaluation, selection and deployment of these integrated offerings as easy as a few clicks.

  • Wondering how to connect Bullhorn with your Accounting System?
  • Want to tie your phone system to your client and candidate database?
  • Want to eliminate cumbersome data entry from your work with VMS systems?
  • Want to quickly automate and record phone screens for a list of qualified candidates?
  • Our partners in the Bullhorn Marketplace have answered these questions and many others, while eliminated all of the pain typically associated with integration. No friction, no technical discussions of how, or how much to integrate – customers just pick a solution and get back to running their businesses.

From SaaS, to PaaS; The Bullhorn Marketplace is yet another evolutionary step as we emerge from SaaS (Software as a Service), to PaaS (Platform as a Service). And the value that this step presents to our customers and partners is 100% unmatched within our industry. By taking down the technical barriers between our customers and the products and services they use, Bullhorn has dramatically improved the experience for everyone involved: Bullhorn, its partners and of course, our customers. So, I encourage you to check out the Bullhorn Marketplace and give our partners’ integrated offerings a try. If you don’t see one of your partners there, please point them in our direction. We’d love to have them join our team and I’m sure they’d love to gain access to our growing network of over 15,000 staffing and recruiting professionals.

This Bullhorn Blog post was written by Jonathan Wall. 

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