Talentpath Recruitment is a national recruitment agency that delivers role-specific recruitment campaigns to help their clients source talent across temporary, permanent, and volume placements. Established 16 years ago by Jody Fazldeen and Dionne Sharp, Talentpath has a clear mission: to foster authentic partnerships and real connections with both candidates and clients, positively impacting lives one step at a time.

The fast-growing agency is motivated to create more than just a solution to a recruitment need, but to provide long term people and culture impact and life-changing career solutions for their clients and talent. With that in mind, each year the Talentpath Recruitment team produces an industry leading publication, the 23/24 Talent Guide, a comprehensive resource that empowers clients and candidates to make informed decisions about their hiring strategies and career choices. Talentpath Recruitment gathered insights from over 1,000 survey participants on their workplace priorities and interviewed 20 talented individuals who shared their career stories to provide a real-time snapshot of the workforce in 2023-2024.

We connected with Talentpath’s Director, Jody Fazldeen and Operations Manager, Bree Robson to learn about the agency’s own story.

The Challenge

Before adopting Bullhorn, Talentpath had several challenges with their database. Their previous Applicant Tracking System (ATS) was outdated and couldn’t keep up with the evolving technology-driven market.

As a result of this, Talentpath Recruitment consultants weren’t using the database. “Its search function was really clunky. It really wasn’t very intuitive, so people wouldn’t use it. They [Talentpath’s consultants] weren’t using it to keep in touch with their candidates, they weren’t using it to find candidates,” Robson explained.

The old system could no longer deliver the user experience and team engagement that Talentpath desired. As Fazldeen added, “It had become stagnant. We are a forward-thinking business driven by innovation and solutions thinking. We need to ensure our clients and candidates are directly impacted by that innovation and dynamic thinking and our system was hindering our ability to do that. We didn’t have a system that could evolve at the same pace that we have over the years.”

The Solution

Frustrated with the functionality of their old system, Talentpath decided to go to market in search of a new ATS that would solve all their pain points and drastically improve the candidate and client experience. They ultimately decided on Bullhorn.

Bullhorn provided the user-friendly, intuitive and dynamic platform that Talentpath Recruitment felt was essential for their team. Fazldeen and Robson attended Bullhorn’s annual Engage Sydney recruitment conference in 2022, where they witnessed genuine excitement and a sense of community amongst Bullhorn users, employees, and Marketplace partners. Fazldeen stated, “At Engage, before we’d even laid eyes on the Bullhorn platform, we were blown away by the energy and the story sharing from users who were genuinely engaged.” She continued, “Then we made a beeline for the Bullhorn Hub, and once we got into the platform, we were hooked.”

Something that stood out to Fazldeen and Robson was that Bullhorn shared Talentpath’s philosophy of hiring great people who are passionate about delivering a high level of service. “The biggest asset in our business is our people, our recruiters, who sit in front of customers and talk about what we do and deliver our service. We choose suppliers who are as invested in our business as much as we are. At a partnership level, Bullhorn has nurtured a trusted and valued relationship,” Fazldeen said.

Bullhorn has become a central, pivotal tool in our toolkit that allows us to do all the things that we need to do.
Jody Fazldeen Director, Talentpath Recruitment

The Results

After implementing Bullhorn as their trusted ATS, Talentpath has experienced an increase in team productivity and has delivered not only more talent solutions for its clients and candidates, but better, personalised communication as well. Their recruiters are now actively engaged in the system meaning their speed of delivery and the quality of their data is creating new business opportunities. “Bullhorn has become a central, pivotal tool in our toolkit that allows us to do all the things that we need to do,” Fazldeen stated.

Talentpath has also taken advantage of using Bullhorn Analytics to understand candidate and client data in minute detail and has noticed a number of positive results. Bullhorn’s Analytics capabilities have allowed them to gain real-time insights into not just individual performances but also overall business outcomes. As a result they’ve been able to make data-driven decisions. “The actionable insights have made the biggest impact. We now have the ability to take standard metrics one step further to help our consultants know what the next thing they should be doing is,” Robson explained. On top of daily tasks, Bullhorn Analytics has assisted Fazldeen in optimising their budget allocation by providing key insights into the most effective channels for Talentpath.

In addition to the above, Talentpath Recruitment has maximised the use of Bullhorn Automation to increase their targeted outreach and optimise core recruitment processes. Fazldeen describes the use of automation as providing their Bullhorn CRM with its “own little heartbeat”, seamlessly connecting their candidates and clients with their internal team and brand.

Fazldeen sees Bullhorn as a “big support” and is excited to continue working with the team to build on the strong partnership. Talentpath’s Account Manager, Joshua McCole, who has previous recruiting experience, played a pivotal role in enhancing Fazldeen’s experience during the sales process. “Josh’s ability to apply lived recruitment experience to the product and using in-depth knowledge to talk about the benefits was a game changer in our decision-making process. We loved Josh’s genuine passion for what we do as recruiters, he’s authentic and a great listener,” Fazldeen stated.

Similarly, Robson knows the Support team is always available to answer technical support questions when they arise. She has regular meetings with Bullhorn’s Customer Success Consultant, Matt Emmerson who builds an in-depth knowledge of Talentpath’s workflow so he can provide fresh insights on their ATS to improve efficiency and assist with new queries. Robson said, “Matt always lets us know what’s changing, what’s updated or what’s a better way to do something, we feel very connected.”

The Future

Talentpath Recruitment has exciting growth plans in store for the next few years and plans to leverage Bullhorn to help scale its business capability. “We are making decisions two to five years out, and it’s risky to do that on assumptions. We want validated qualified data. Bullhorn’s been giving us that information so we’ve got our finger on the pulse,” Fazldeen explained.

Talentpath Recruitment looks forward to continuing to explore their use of Bullhorn’s vast toolkit and capability to optimise, streamline and revolutionise the way they recruit.

Knowing that data and connection is everything, Talentpath are eager to expand their use of Bullhorn Automation and Bullhorn Analytics. Robson said, “We’ve still got so much more that we want to do. We’ve only really scratched the surface with it.”

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