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Technology that fuels more productive relationships

No matter your size, specialty, region, or diversity of business needs, Bullhorn offers recruitment solutions that will improve your efficiency. Choose from our CRM for service-based industries, recruitment CRM, VMS integration, onboarding, and relationship management solutions.

Bullhorn CRM

Build and nurture more profitable customer relationships

Improve sales productivity and build your pipeline with patent-pending relationship tracking software that powers customer and prospect engagement, allowing you to grow your business and drive customer success. Regardless of your industry, we have a solution that’s right for you.

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Bullhorn Recruitment CRM

Automate your end-to-end recruitment workflow

Manage the entire recruitment lifecycle – from job submission to candidate placement – with the Bullhorn recruitment CRM. Eliminate time-consuming tasks such as manual data entry, streamline recruiting processes, and enable your team to move quickly and efficiently.

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Bullhorn VMS Sync

Integrate your VMS with your recruitment CRM for faster time-to-fill

With the explosive growth of contingent recruitment, more spend is flowing through VMS than ever before. Connect more than 40 leading VMS systems with your recruitment CRM to create and filter job orders automatically, notify resourcers, and fill reqs faster than the competition.

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Bullhorn Onboarding

Create new hire forms and streamline approvals

Create as many new hire documents as your clients demand, and distribute them to your contractors seamlessly. Collect electronic signatures and approvals from hiring managers no matter where they are to speed up the onboarding process and provide a better experience for contractors and clients.

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Empower your team with true ad hoc reporting

Leverage powerful ad hoc reporting to uncover insights from every dimension of your business. With Bullhorn Canvas, you can build any type of report and gain complete visibility into the state of your agency.

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