Why (Partner with) Bullhorn?

Why do 10,000+ customers choose to power their businesses with Bullhorn? Our industry-leading solutions for recruitment companies are just one piece of the puzzle. Read below to discover how we partner with you to grow your business.

Our Team of Experts

We Are Trusted Advisors


With teams devoted to implementation, day-to-day account success, consulting, and training, we’re invested in your success.

I work with my clients to help them address EVERYTHING it takes to successfully implement technology into their business:

  • workflow optimisation
  • data integrity
  • automation
  • user adoption training
  • acquisitions and migrations.

Everyone on the APAC team has in-depth recruiting knowledge we use to help our clients achieve their goals. 

Rita Badin
Account Manager

I manage a team of global consultants that implement new clients on the Bullhorn ATS platform.  They face unique and exciting challenges and my team is there every step of the way.

Our team is dedicated to SMB—we specialise in meeting the clients where they’re at and moving them forward based on their specific needs.

Bridget Rapp
Product Consulting

We Know Recruiting


Bullhorn has been dedicated to the challenges of recruitment agencies since its inception in 1999. Our teams are full of former recruitment professionals and our solutions evolve with the industry.

Staffing professionals are passionate about their software because staffing is hard. Any technology that makes someone’s life easier is a game-changer. Over the last 21 years, we’ve discovered the behaviors that our customers value and those have become our own core values.

We’ve grown from a tiny startup to a company with 1,000 employees across the world. We’re so thankful to the customers who helped build this business, and we’re excited about where we’re going in the next 20 years.

Art Papas
CEO and Founder


We Know Your Business


With 10,000+ customers, we have experts dedicated to businesses of every size, sector and region.


Meet Some of Our Experts

In SMB, our clients often don’t have dedicated operations lead dedicated to technology implementation and adoption. 

Our incredible Relationship Management team is here to help.  We engage from implementation onward to ensure you're set up for success. It’s a major part of the value you get from investing in Bullhorn.



Pete Markland

Since starting at Bullhorn I have had the pleasure of working with customers of all shapes and sizes. One of the truly impressive aspects of Bullhorn is its ability to scale.

While headquartered in the US, the local team in APAC is acutely aware of the nuances within the local market. We are uniquely positioned to consult and advise our customers on technology and trends in the industry with both a global and a local lens.

Matt Webster
Regional VP, Enterprise

My team has spent the last two years working to deliver a world-class Pay & Bill system for the recruiting industry. We're passionate about enabling them to achieve true gross profit and ensuring payroll is right 1oo percent of the time, every time.

Our focus on recruiting means Bullhorn is uniquely qualified to understand and solve their specific needs.

Tim Sebel
Director of Product Management

The Crucial Group's Journey with Bullhorn

We’re Here to Support You Now and into The Future


In unstable times, it’s never been more important to work with a company that will be there for you and able to support you now and into the future.

Here for you today and tomorrow

Our financial stability ensures that Bullhorn can continually deliver exceptional products and services to its 10,000 customers. Since inception, Bullhorn has had consistent investment, starting first with angel investors and moving to capital investments—our revenues have grown year on year.

Investing in Your Future 

Bullhorn employs an annual budget of $40 million on R&D to create a product that grows with your business. We release monthly product updates based on your feedback and we invest in new solutions to solve the problem you face as a business.

Ready to Take on Any Challenge

We helped thousands of recruitment agencies navigate the 2008 recession and we have the experience necessary to help you succeed in the current business landscape. Our account managers, consulting teams, and support are here to provide you with guidance based on the unique challenges of your business.

Bullhorn Strong


20+ years of experience in the recruiting industry

Over 10,000 customers globally

$40M annual R&D budget

More than 1,000 employees globally

Founder-led and profitable

Resources to Support You Every Step of the Way

Sales Teams That Put Your Business First


Before you sign on the dotted line, we’ll help navigate the research and evaluation phase. 

We cater to your unique needs. We’ll ask you the important questions upfront to ensure we recommend the solution that provides you you the most long-term value.

Son Trinh Team Lead, Enterprise Sales Engineering


Toby Callahan Senior Sales Manager, SMB & Bond


World-Class Support


With a 95% client satisfaction rate and industry-best first-call resolution rate, our world-wide support team ensures you’ll get the support you need any time you need it.

Connecting People to People

With support teams in St. Louis, Sydney, and Brighton, you’ll always reach a person, not an answering machine. Our multiple tiers of support mean we can get you the right answer as quickly as possible while also tackling your most complex questions.

Tier 1 Support

This team is on the frontline, helping to resolve nearly 90% of questions that come in. We have a robust training program that certifies the team on a number of different areas so they’re ready to help.

Tier 2 Support

Depending on the complexity of the question, a member of our Tier 2 team might jump in so we can get you an answer as quickly as possible.

Tier 3 Support

This team of developers have the deepest application and technical expertise, and access to tools that can help them solve the one-off questions that arise. Luckily, only 3% of all questions get sent their way, so rest assured - you’re in good hands all the way through.

A Never-Ending Commitment to Providing an Incredible Customer Experience


"[The Bullhorn team] is extremely enthusiastic, cooperative, and 100% engaged in how they can help us work better and smarter!

“There is not a company out there with better support than Bullhorn—in any industry. With Bullhorn releasing the best technology and providing us with the best customer support, our team feels unstoppable.”

“My product consultant was a phenomenal integrator and coach.”

“The Bullhorn Support team responds quickly. You have a team that understands our needs, identifies the problem well, and is very effective in solving it. I don't waste any more time contacting support for a ticket—it’s dealt with that day.”

“Bullhorn is our backbone. It’s where we live and breathe all day long.”

“Everyone’s always on hand on the Bullhorn team to take any calls for you to ask for any advice. It’s more of a partnership with the individuals over at Bullhorn as opposed to people just selling you a solution.”

Ongoing Training with the Bullhorn Learning Hub


Free eLearning and training resources to help you get the most out of Bullhorn at your own pace.

The Learning Hub is your one-stop destination for free videos, articles, and webinars to help you:

  • Train your workforce faster
  • Onboard your employees with customer Bullhorn content
  • Upskill employees to provide more value for your organisation

A Community of Recruiting Experts and Innovators


Expand your knowledge of technology and the recruiting industry at Engage, the premier global recruiting conference series.

With 1,000+ attendees at each event, Engage is the perfect place to make new connections and learn from the brightest minds in the field.

Explore the new EngageX series of online conferences for recruiting professionals. More than 3,000 attendees networked and learned from one another at EngageX 2020—discover the top highlights.

What Attendees Say About Engage

"Engage is a "must" conference for recruiting professionals! It brings together thought leaders and practitioners with a focus on the future and technology unlike any other."

Claire Duffield

"A great event full of inspiring content and great speakers!
Walked away inspired."

Natalie Firth
Think Talent

"A fantastic opportunity to meet other leaders in the recruitment industry, hear about technology and trends, and make valuable connections for our business. I would highly recommend attending, if you are interested in taking your business to the next level using the insight and experience of people who have been where you currently are."

Glenn Chaffey
Exclaim IT

"On point, incredibly relevant and high caliber of speakers. A must be at conference event."

Alex Correa
Alex Correa Executive

"[At Engage] we feel like we are truly viewed as a partner and not a client. It's an event that provides so much to our organisation each year that we wouldn't think of missing it!"

Heather Roberts
HealthCare Support

Quarterly Research and Analysis


Stay up-to-date with hard data on industry trends that impact your business. Bullhorn’s original research covers topics ranging from AI to the KPIs businesses use to measure success.

Recruitment Post COVID-19
Digital Transformation
Running Your Business as One

Cutting-Edge Thought Leadership


We’re committed to equipping you with the information you need to run your business:

  • Explore industry trends and analysis
  • Learn tips and insights to run your business 
  • Discover interviews with recruiting leaders and experts
Recruitment Innovation Exchange
Recruitment Blog
The Purple Squirrel Podcast

Our Resources by the Numbers


200 employees across the globe dedicated to answering your questions
60 seconds or less: the time it takes to reach Support
80% of queries are resolved on the first call
95% average client satisfaction rate
 20,000+ recruiting professionals surveyed annually
250+ in-depth interviews with industry leaders
5,000+ annual attendees across global industry conferences
6+ global blogs with weekly content tailored to your region

Technology That Gets the Job Done

 Best-In-Class Performance


Bullhorn isn’t just the largest recruiting-dedicated technology provider in the world, we’re also the provider  most recommended by recruiting executives.*  

Explore why recruitment agencies choose Bullhorn over other providers at a rate of five-to-one:

  • “Ease of use”
  • “Made specifically for the staffing industry”
  • “Tracks everything easily” 
  • “State-of-the-art, effective tool”
  • “Very organised and easy to navigate”


* Bullhorn ranked as the #1 Staffing Technology Provider in "SIA’s Global Staffing Company Survey 2019: Vendors Recommended by Staffing Executives"


     “Their integrated solution provides for the full life cycle of staffing, from candidate search, job intake, placement, onboarding, time tracking, and beyond.”

    — SIA, Global Staffing Company Survey 2019: Vendors Recommended by Staffing Executives


    Open Ecosystem


    With a Marketplace of 100+ partners, we have a solution for every challenge.

    Make Better, Faster Business Decisions


    Recruitment agencies are…

    Moving information from one system to another across 5 or more tools

    They want to…

    Integrate all of their technologies into their Bullhorn instance and operate more efficiently or effectively

    Through the Marketplace, you can…

    Eliminate duplicate efforts, streamline data entry, and leverage data transparency to make better business decisions

    Enable Productivity Anywhere, Anytime


    Recruitment agencies are…

    Struggling to get everyone in their organisation using a new system and leveraging its benefits

    They want to…

    Reduce their employee time to value and turnover

    Through the Marketplace, you can…

    Leverage technology to define and promote best practices to reduce your employee time to value and turnover

    Build Relationships With Enhanced Client and Candidate Experiences


    Recruitment agencies are…

    Spending a lot of time and resources communicating with external constituencies

    They want to…

    Find a way to give people information in the form they want, through the channel they prefer

    Through the Marketplace, you can…

    Create a unique, connected experience for candidates and customers to ultimately increase redeployment and get more reqs to fill

    Platform Choice


    We believe in the power of choice.  We invest in several industry-best platforms—Bullhorn, Invenias, and Salesforce—that grow and evolve alongside your business.

    Automation That Frees You Up To Do What Matters Most


    Spend more time on relationships by leveraging the only automation platform built for the fast-paced needs of recruitment agencies.

    Drastically Improve Productivity:  

    Reduce busywork by automating repetitive, often-forgotten tasks and ensure the right things are happening at the right time

    Overhaul Your Data Health:

    Improve the accuracy of your Bullhorn data by identifying inaccurate or incomplete records and automating the cleanup process.

    Communicate Often And Well:

    Engage with candidates, clients and contractors throughout the recruiting process and never let communication slip through the cracks.

    Technology by the Numbers


    $40M spent towards R&D every year

    100+ Marketplace partners

    100 Developer partners

    Want to learn how your business can partner with Bullhorn? Schedule a demo today.