No Pain, No Gain: How Common Recruitment Challenges Sparked New Features in Bullhorn Reach

A big part of Bullhorn’s product development strategy is looking for recruiters’ pain points. When we identify recruitment challenges that we can provide a solution to, our talented team develops answers to problems in the form of new tools and functionality.

This is why we’re so excited about a key feature of Bullhorn Reach, one which enables recruiters to create branded job pages for their websites. The problem a lot of recruiters have is turning visitors to their websites into candidates, and linking the process with their CRM, social media and job board activity, so that the process doesn’t add any unnecessary admin.

An agency could use internal or hired development resources to either build a new add-on for the recruitment company’s website or re-build the website from scratch. While this approach often results in a sleek and effective product, it is typically prohibitively expensive and overly time consuming for the average recruitment firm. As with any bespoke system, it also requires regular maintenance and has an attached shelf life depending on future technology advancements, all of which impact total cost of ownership.

Fortunately, Bullhorn has introduced a solution to this common problem – a new job site feature within Bullhorn Reach. Our development team devised the new jobsite feature so that it looks and feels like an extension of an agency’s website and carries their branding, logos, photos, and colours. Designed to act as a candidate funnel into the Bullhorn CRM, the company page captures candidates and reels them into the Bullhorn system. By having everyone funnel candidates through the Bullhorn Reach job site feature, you have the analytic ability to know where placements are coming from and how to focus efforts.

We also invested heavily in ensuring the pages are optimised for the greatest candidate yield, from layouts to button sizes, and by making the pages mobile-friendly. Eighty-six per cent of job seekers say they would use mobile technology to apply for a job, and our recent whitepaper about mobile-powered selling revealed that the sector has been slow to react to this so far. Job seekers want recruitment to be mobile, and we’re doing our best to make it easy for recruitment consultants to provide that option.

The branded job site functionality features prominently in the upgraded version of Bullhorn Reach Team edition, which also includes reporting and analytics on recruiter performance, advanced ATS integration and Teamcast – designed to let a social media manager post jobs to multiple networks, and manage content, on behalf of their consultants.

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