Loopt jouw team de voordelen van een ATS mis?

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If you work in secondment, you are probably already familiar with applicant tracking systems (ATS). More than 90 percent of large secondment agencies use them, as do 75 percent of medium and small agencies. But what makes a recruitment ATS worth the investment?

We believe (unsurprisingly) that applicant tracking systems are very important to the success of your secondment agency, but we also have the data to support that statement. Here are ten key benefits of using a good ATS.

10 benefits of applicant tracking systems

Scale your business

An ATS is a long-term investment that will grow your business as well as grow with your business.

In fact, it may be impossible to grow your desk without an ATS. The bigger your business gets, the more complex your database will be. Keeping track of candidates, communications and your recruiter’s activities can quickly become difficult as your agency grows. Candidates are overlooked in the rush, mistakes pile up and you run the risk of losing important customers.

Avoid mistakes

As your business grows, it becomes more difficult to keep bad data out. And discovering a mistake in thousands of rows of names and numbers is actually impossible. When the amount of data – and potential errors – of your team grows, it can have costly consequences for your reporting and your business.

Recruit candidates more effectively

Do you want to take your candidate recruitment to the next level? Existing candidates within an ATS are the primary source of identifying high-quality candidates, a survey of secondment professionals shows – more important than referrals, social media and job boards. With the organization providing an ATS, it is easier to post and re-post candidates.

Find the solutions that fit your needs in an open ecosystem

Your agency’s needs will never be exactly the same as anyone else’s. How do you deal with that? The best applicant tracking systems have an open ecosystem. With an open platform, you can tailor your ATS to your needs by integrating external vendors, adding partner extensions and building in new applications.  

Increase the productivity of your team

I have plenty of time to get everything done is something that no recruitment professional has ever said. Fortunately, an ATS is one of the most powerful tools available to you to save time and increase productivity. Agencies using an ATS report:

  • 75% less unproductive time
  • 70% improvement in reporting speed
  • Spend 15% less time fulfilling
  • 10% more placements per month

Improve the candidate experience

The market is driven by candidates. Recruiting candidates and improving their experience are the two main priorities for secondment agencies in 2019 .

And with all the choice candidates have at their disposal, delivering an incredible experience is now more important than ever. One in five candidates with a negative experience tell others not to apply to that agency.

Stop the steps that lead to hassle and frustration. An excellent ATS and associated integrations can help simplify every step of the candidate’s lifecycle, from streamlining the application process to removing time-consuming onboarding paperwork.

Improve the customer experience

Keeping your clients happy is also pretty important: improving client management is a top five priority for secondment agencies in 2019. Building better customer relationships was chosen as one of the key areas secondment professionals said more development was needed .

A good recruitment ATS can help you better manage your customer relationships in several ways. For example, it can automatically record all your conversations with a customer, so that nothing is lost. You can also harness the power of artificial intelligence to avoid being unpleasantly surprised by dissatisfied customers by deploying predictive intelligence that warns of potential problems before customers run away.

Onboard your team more effectively

Time is money in the secondment world, so it is important that your recruiters are on the lookout. Do you want to guide your recruiters more efficiently? Use an ATS.

This is certainly the case if you want to prepare your recruiters within a month. An ATS increases the chance that you will succeed by 57 percent.

Make it mobile

Your productivity will increase enormously if you can do your work from anywhere. Fortunately, the best applicant tracking systems offer a mobile application that provides all the ATS functionality you and your team need to keep working.

View Bullhorn's mobile app

Understand your business

A good ATS provides insight into all aspects of your company. In addition to tracking your recruiter activity, an ATS also helps you better understand your candidate pool. You can closely monitor all communications with candidates to ensure all their needs are met.

Understanding your candidate database and using it to improve your performance as a recruiter allows you to act faster. This is essential in today’s highly time-sensitive market.

Do you want to dive deeper into the world of applicant tracking systems? Read the ATS buying guide for everything you need to know about making a useful investment in the future of your secondment company.

Tips for selecting an ATS

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