What is the Bullhorn Marketplace?

Bullhorn’s Marketplace of 100+ pre-integrated technology partners gives staffing agencies the tools they need to build a unique, future-proof solution with the flexibility to adapt quickly to a changing landscape.

By adding Bullhorn Marketplace partners to your tech stack, you can:

Make better, faster business decisions

Enable productivity anywhere, anytime

Build relationships with enhanced client and candidate experiences

Marketplace Partner Special Offers

Unlock the opportunity to jump start your partner adoption, low-risk, through flexible month-to-month pricing, 12 month contract discounts, and no implementation fees.

With CloudCall for Bullhorn, your recruitment team will make more calls with fewer errors with Click to Call, increase pick-up rates with Local Presence, and provide a better candidate experience. Find out more and buy CloudCall today to get up to 3 months service for free

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Month-to-month pricing and 20% discount on a 12-month contract

3DIQ’s industry leading product suite complements your submission process in Bullhorn from start to finish, cutting feedback time in half. Our team is ready to INSTANTLY help you get set up with no implementation fees.

Act now to take advantage of our flexible month to month pricing and 20% discount on a 12 month contract.

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Resume-Library is one of the fastest growing job boards in the U.S, providing the ultimate hiring solutions for thousands of staffing agencies and employers of all sizes.

Resume-Library is offering 2 weeks free access. No implementation fee, no credit card required or long-term commitment. Fair use policy & terms and conditions apply. Available to new customers only.

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Get real-time feedback on your recruiting services so that you always know exactly how your talent feels about your company. Learn exactly why candidates love your brand and find new ways to improve candidate experience.

Great Recruiters is offering a 30-day free trial. And, if you are ready to commit, we are offering 50% off the first 90 days of your subscription.

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Candidate.ly streamlines Bullhorn’s client submissions with fast, compliant sharing. Live analytics offer instant alerts for client views and enable 50% faster feedback by granting immediate candidate access.

Candidate.ly offers free implementation and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Referoo are offering Bullhorn customers a one month FREE trial of the platform with unlimited reference credits.

Not only will you have the chance to try Referoo free of charge, but you could be in with the chance of winning £250 if your company gets the fastest response time average for a completed reference.

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Bullhorn users who sign up for Spark Hire annual plans are eligible for a 20% discount + 2 free months of service

*New Customers Only

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Get Optimal’s AI product optimises your Job Ads for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and maximises the Job Ads online performance.

Get Optimal now offers a Free Job Ad scoring tool

Partner Resources

Check out these best practices provided by experts across the marketplace

5 Steps to Optimize Talent Acquisition Outreach

Learn how to elevate talent acquisition, engage the best talent, and meet your agency goals. Discover winning best practices to identify the right prospects, use multi-channel approaches, refine talent outreach, and select the ideal acquisition tool for success.

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Unlock the full potential of your recruitment team with a winning rewards program!

This handbook by Bullhorns only commissions partner, Konquest, is packed with insights on how to design a simple, effective program that motivates your consultants. It’s based on real world experiences helping recruiters design and implement world class incentive schemes.

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Five Reasons Why A Client Portal Will Change Your Recruiting Game Forever

Discover how a client portal can provide your clients with a richer understanding of how their candidate process is going and what is happening on a day-to-day basis, giving them true confidence in their decision-making.

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Experience Management – Regaining Control of Your Reputation

In this on-demand webinar, Great Recruiters will explore why experience management matters, how internal and external factors disrupt quality experiences and the benefits of controlling the experience.

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Make More Placements with Video Interviews

Hundreds of recruitment agencies trust Spark Hire to make more placements and increase revenue. Discover how Spark Hire’s comprehensive suite of features helps recruitment agencies improve how candidates are presented to clients.

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Marketplace Partner Toolkit

The Bullhorn Marketplace is home to various solutions designed to help you improve productivity, drive results, and grow your business. This toolkit has everything you need to understand our open ecosystem and make the right investments for your firm.

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