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I'm not stubborn

Amazing things
Last week I travelled to San Francisco for the yearly DreamForce event with 3 colleagues. For those who are not familiar with Dreamforce: Dreamforce is the biggest ICT convention of the world with 150.000 participants and at least the same number of AMAZING things to see and hear. For me, it was the second time to join this event and 3 years ago there were (only!) 90.000 participants. I thought Connexys is growing fast with over 20% per year, but what Salesforce established with their company and Dreamforce is MUCH BETTER.

You may have noticed already,  I use capital letters for all the superlatives that you can hear over and over in the United States.  I think that I (and probably many people from Europe with me) am a little more down to earth than to think that everything that is made and experienced in the United States is AMAZING, BETTER, GREAT and EXCELLENT. However, I saw some really nice things that will help us to support our clients and users even better in the future.

Salesforce Lightning
In my opinion, the user interface (UI) in the standard Salesforce environment was a little out of date. Of course, there were already some options to change the UI, but in that case we had to leave the Salesforce standard procedures and would face problems with every update. The new Salesforce user interface is called Lightning and in my opinion it may not be GREAT or AMAZING, but in fact it is a major step forward for our users.

Our interpretation of the new user interface 
At Connexys’, when our programmers have a GREAT idea,  I always say: “can you show me something already?” and I can imagine that our users will think the same. As far as Salesforce Lightning is concerned, we’ll have to be patient. It will at least take till the end of this year before we will be able to show you our interpretation of the new UI for Connexys. For those of you who are also Salesforce CRM users, you can find an example of the new UI below.


Salesforce IQ
Furthermore, Salesforce has shown some new things such as Salesforce IQ: a better integration of your agenda, email and social networks with your CRM functionality. The only thing that I can say about this is that the idea is GREAT but the price for this app is AMAZING. I do not think that for 25 USD for the basic version up till 125 USD per month for the full version (per user above the CRM licenses) people will use this app frequently. If you are a Salesforce CRM user you can find the 30 days free trial in the Apple app store and Android play store (search for SalesforceIQ).

Besides all the GREAT and AMAZING things I experienced in the US, one quote in the streets really stuck with me. It may be not so AMAZING and not so GREAT, but at least it is honest and a good example of how business is done in the United States.

For an AMAZING impression of Dreamforce, take a look at this video.

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