Feel the Excitement and Pass It On!

The first day of Bullhorn Live was full of excitement.  It has been great to meet so many new faces of customers and help them network with each other.  I was really struck by Danny Cahill’s presentation today.  With every bit of media helping us to think “the world is coming to an end,” he put some great perspective on it.   This is NOTHING new, we have weathered this before and we will do it again and even come back stronger.  I wrote down a really interesting stat he gave us.  Back in 1984, the government bought an 80% share in Continental Illinois Bank.  Why was this so profound?  This bank is now known as Bank of America.

I presented a session this morning on using Bullhorn as a Sales tool.  It was interesting to see how many customers truly forget all these tools are there.  We all know that to pull us out of this we have to work harder and these sessions are great avenues to helping clients create new ideas to do this.  I would like to thank Danny for a great thought I walked away with: “I create my own reality,” because we truly do.  Ultimately, it is attitude that gets us through the rough times and I am so moved by the excitement at this conference.  Those who are attending need to go back to their organizations and spread the buzz.

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