Don’t Believe Everything You Read

You can’t pick up a newspaper or magazine without reading doom and gloom about the economy. Each day, there’s a new bit of economic news that sends the market for a tumble or a surge. Each presidential hopeful claims that… Read More

A Temp for All Seasons

Hollywood has a mixed attitude towards the staffing industry. On the one hand, there’s Dave which features Kevin Klein as the beloved owner of a small staffing agency who parlays his resemblance to the President of the United States into… Read More

High on Help

I constantly tell my team “inspiration is everywhere” and when I bring a catalog from William-Sonoma or pull up the Dyson website in a meeting to discuss information design, I know they get me. What better place to find a… Read More

You Can’t Win if You Don’t Play

I’m blogging from the conference floor of SI’s Executive Forum in Lake Las Vegas. If you haven’t been, it’s rapidly becoming the place for the cognoscenti of the staffing and recruiting industry. SI does a fantastic job and this year’s… Read More

Cheater! Cheater! Cheater!

Given that I’m in the testing biz, people often send me links to stories about cheating in the news. Some are merely amusing, while others reflect the breadth and depth of human ingenuity. Did you know, for example, that programmable… Read More

May I Have Your Permission, Please?

I’ve blogged about permission marketing in the past, and in particular have linked its virtues to sourcing and recruiting candidates, making strategic use of the Bullhorn CRM. Bullhorn continues to do some very exciting things in permission marketing. If you… Read More

SaaS Summit 2008

It’s the final day of the SaaS Summit in San Francisco for me and Jerry Fain (VP of Services). The conference has had some highs and lows. The highs are, of course, the fact that what is assumed to be… Read More

Get Some Respect

I recently connected with Penelope Trunk, author of The Brazen Careerist. Penelope’s work focuses on career issues and advice for job seekers. During our conversation we began talking about Bullhorn’s clients and the Recruiting and Staffing industry in general. She… Read More

Flipping the Switch

Congratulations Bullhorn customers! You’re on to something pretty powerful and irreversible. Nicolas Carr, provocative author of the famous Harvard Business Review article, “Does IT Matter,” recently published his second book, The Big Switch: Rewiring the World from Edison to Google.… Read More