Most Popular Feature Requests from Bullhorn Live

I’ve been back from Bullhorn Live for a few days now, but I’m still working through all of the great information I received from customers. Thanks to all of the people that shared your thoughts with me during the conference. It was truly fantastic to put so many names to faces, and to learn firsthand how you are using Bullhorn. Speaking of which, in my previous post I promised to report on the outcome of the “Brainstorm Live” sessions we held as part of the “What’s New and What’s Coming” sessions. In addition to hearing about the things we already had planned, each attendee had a chance to nominate and vote on other things they’d like to see in Bullhorn. Approximately 35% of the conference attendees made it on either Tuesday or Wednesday, so we saw a pretty good cross-section of the attendees. By far the most popular requests were:

  • More email/calendar improvements Everyone loved the new calendar we demonstrated at the conference, but they were also interested in seeing more enhancements made to Bullhorn Mail. We’ll be looking into this in the next few months.
  • Corporate document library This was an existing feature request that I brought to everyone’s attention. Going into the conference, I thought it would get a lukewarm response, but I was wrong. People loved the idea.
  • Notes on companies We’ve been doing a lot of work with Notes recently — allowing notes on Placements, making it possible to add a note to multiple candidates with one email, and other enhancements. Allowing notes just on companies (as opposed to people) is a great idea when you don’t yet have a good contact or you want to make sure the note stays even if today’s contact leaves.
  • Blackberry synchronization I’m cheating a little bit here since we didn’t actually vote on Blackberry support; we’re already working on it. But so many people sought me out to ask on the status of this project I feel compelled to list it. The good news is we’re close to reopening the beta, so BB lovers (myself included) don’t have too much longer to wait.

That’s the update. While these ideas by no means represent all of the things I discussed with customers, they represent some clearly popular areas where the product management team will be spending some time in the next few months. Thanks again to all of the customers that made Bullhorn Live a great experience, and for those of you that didn’t make it, be sure to keep the great ideas coming.

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