Careers Connections is a boutique recruitment agency with its head office based in Sydney that specialises in a diverse range of verticals. Having recently celebrated 20 years of practice, the Careers Connections staff are experts in sourcing the highest quality candidates within the Accounting and Finance, Information Technology, Marketing, Human Resources, Engineering, Trades, and Medical sectors. What makes Careers Connections truly unique, however, is its ability to provide a wide array of service while maintaining the attention to detail and hands-on service that only a customer-focused boutique agency can provide.

Recent success has seen Careers Connections expand both nationally and internationally, serviced by offices located in Sydney and the Gold Coast. To accompany its growth, Careers Connections required a cutting-edge cloud-based recruitment CRM system that would support international operations. After considering multiple well-known competitors, Careers Connections chose Bullhorn for its focus on innovation, intuitive workflow, and intelligent integrations. Bullhorn has since caught up with Senior Recruitment Consultant Sharon Sorensen to discuss how operations have changed since implementation.

The Challenge

Following unprecedented growth, Careers Connections had made the firm decision that a shift to the cloud was a necessity. Doing so would provide the agency with a scalable platform and would facilitate coordinated operations on an international scale. Careers Connections’ previous provider was server-based and, although a cloud-based offering was coming down the pipeline, Careers Connections had doubts about its quality and cost efficiency. Looking for an alternative, the agency weighed multiple options but ultimately decided on the market-leading provider, Bullhorn. Speaking on their decision, Sharon said, “Our decision to switch providers was based on a vision to improve our business, move forward, and grow. We knew the right provider would have to be equally forward-thinking and so we chose Bullhorn.”

The Solution

Multiple options were considered and put up against Career Connections’ stringent selection criteria. Bullhorn ultimately came up as the best option to service all of the agency’s needs due to its innately intuitive functionality and ability to “plug and play” with other market-leading vendors through the Bullhorn Marketplace. Careers Connections also has a significant number of seasoned recruiters, so adoption was a concern at first. In theory, moving from a legacy system that the senior team had grown accustomed to would be a difficult task, but Bullhorn streamlined the process with the intuitive workflows within its CRM. Sharon commented, “It’s a fine line, trying to push forward and be innovative with our processes while also making sure we don’t leave our more senior recruiters behind. Bullhorn and its Marketplace partners have managed to provide us with a solution that does both of these things.”

Bullhorn has allowed Careers Connections to slash manual data entry in half using intelligent integrations and workflow customisations. Emails are automatically connected to the system, which makes keeping track of all of the agency’s records intuitive, even for tech-adverse recruiters. Careers Connections is also taking advantage of Bullhorn Marketplace partner, Broadbean’s intuitive inputting and posting, which has helped to further reduce manual entry. Visibility into operations has never been better, and that has been critical for the effective management of an international team in the midst of an expansion. Bullhorn’s 24- hour support also ensures that Careers Connections has a direct line to technical assistance at all times, a feature that the agency’s previous provider didn’t offer. When asked to compare their solution now to that of the past Sharon said, “There’s simply no comparison between Bullhorn and our previous system. We’re at a stage now where everyone is used to it and it’s dramatically improving our workflow across all offices.”

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Our decision to switch providers was based on a vision to improve our business, move forward, and grow. We knew the right provider would have to be equally forward-thinking and so we chose Bullhorn.
Sharon Sorensen Careers Connections

The Future

Bullhorn’s mantra of providing an outstanding customer experience has been clearly evident in its partnership with Careers Connections. Since implementation, Careers Connections has also been able to improve its own service offering. Whether it’s through increased speed of response, visibility into the team’s workflow, or improved internal cohesion, Bullhorn has provided Careers Connections with a sound platform for future growth. Bullhorn’s service has proven to be a key factor in establishing a strong relationship with the rapidly growing Careers Connections.

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