While candidates’ qualifications may be easy to verify, the logistics of managing a diverse group of temps and contractors who may or may not be cooperative or communicative are challenging to say the least.

In addition to finding the right candidates extremely quickly and placing them, agencies serving light industrial clients also need to contend with ensuring those candidates show up for work on time, pass drug tests, and complete their shifts. Reliability is more of a concern than actual qualifications. And because the dangers inherent in factory work are so much higher than in professional positions, light industrial recruitment agencies must also navigate the complexities of occupational health and safety regulatory compliance.

Light industrial placements rely on speed above all else. With job orders often delivered through VMS, light industrial contingent workforce management is a volume business and success is predicated upon being first to submit a candidate. To thrive in this market, recruitment agencies need:Light_Industrial_Icon_V1

Unparalleled speed: Bullhorn’s “S Release” – the latest version of its flagship sales and recruitment CRM system – is the fastest recruitment relationship management platform offering available today. Requiring 40% fewer clicks than competitive solutions, and enabling 43% more placements, Bullhorn S Release was built for speed. Recruitment consultants using S Release can search 100 million candidate records in less than half a second, and innovative features such as a preview slideout and “bowling alley” persistent left-hand sidebar enable recruitment consultants to get the information they need quickly without interrupting their workflow. Additionally, passive activity tracking ensures that agency professionals spend their time productively instead of wasting cycles with manual data entry.

Back office onboarding: Dealing with a high volume of temporary, lower-skilled workers can present numerous communication and productivity challenges. It’s all too common for recruitment consultants to place a forklift driver only to spend hours chasing him or her down to complete client-mandated onboarding paperwork. With Bullhorn Onboarding, you can create as many new hire onboarding forms as your client demands easily using Bullhorn data, deliver and collect the completed forms online, and track the progress of each form so you can send reminders to candidates when paperwork is outstanding.

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