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Bullhorn's Recruitment CRM Software helps you improve recruiter productivity, and manage the entire recruitment and applicant management process from a single, easy-to-use interface.


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Bullhorn's robust structure and ease of use helps you streamline candidate management from sourcing to submittal.  Don't waste your time with a clunky candidate database - upgrade your recruiting process with Bullhorn's recruitment CRM software!

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Key Features of Bullhorn's Recruitment CRM Software

Connect with Candidates Anytime, Anywhere

Your interactions with candidates don’t take place in a single location, and you shouldn’t be confined to work in one. Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system can be accessed on any mobile device, so you can view and edit candidate records, create notes, and access placement data on any device at any time. Enter data into your ATS immediately after candidate meetings so no detail escapes you.

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Never Miss a Conversation

Recruiters can’t afford to miss conversations with candidates, and with Bullhorn’s passive activity tracking, they never will.

The system automatically tracks all email activity associated with a particular candidate record and updates that record in real time, offering a complete view of your candidate interactions and relationships.


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Seamless Integration with Gmail and Outlook So You Can Do More, Faster

Easily parse in CVs, add notes, and create new tasks and appointments from candidate emails directly into your applicant tracking system. See the latest info about your candidates while in your inbox, and access a sender’s full contact record from an email by jumping to Bullhorn with a single click.

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Streamlined Workflow, Reduced Clicks, and Continuously Updated Information

Bullhorn has provided the industry’s first recruitment-specific applicant tracking system integration with LinkedIn Recruiter. From Bullhorn view candidates’ or clients’ LinkedIn records. From LinkedIn Recruiter see if the contact’s record is in Bullhorn, and if so, click to view that record in Bullhorn. This integration streamlines a recruiter’s workflow, reduces clicks, and provides a continuously up-to-date view of candidate information.

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"We invested in Bullhorn for our staff – it makes their jobs easier and ultimately enables them to make more money by placing more candidates, faster. It’s such a relief to have a CRM in place that we know is scalable and cost effective. Bullhorn is crucial to our future expansion."

Michelle Watson
Managing Director,
Gemini People

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In today’s competitive job market, professional recruiters must operate at optimum efficiency in order to increase their placements and grow their business. The most successful recruitment professionals understand this and leverage Bullhorn’s Recruitment CRM Software to help manage the recruitment and applicant management processes.

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