Setting Your Business Apart with Cutting-Edge Technologies


Engage Sydney 2020, held in March this year, saw many of you join us for an unforgettable day of industry collaboration, networking, and a celebration of the theme, Power of People. Plenty of our Marketplace partners were there on the day showcasing their best in class technologies and how it can bring efficiencies to your business. In the panel discussion, Setting Your Business Apart with Cutting-Edge Technologies, we took a deep dive into how customers like you are currently utilising a variety of Marketplace partners in their technology ecosystem to increase productivity in their businesses.

The panel was moderated by Matt Webster, Regional Vice President, Enterprise at Bullhorn where he was joined by Grant Beggs, Managing Director at Prestige Staffing, Tyson McNeilly, Director and Co-Founder, Fuse Recruitment, and Gert Leppers, Digital Product & Innovation Director at Talent. Read on to find out what technologies they leverage in their business and the secrets to success in building their unique technological ecosystems.

Prestige Staffing

When Grant acquired Prestige Staffing three years ago, he sought to build an efficient business through the use of technology. He is now using Bullhorn as well as nine different Marketplace partners – Astute Payroll, Bullhorn Analytics (formerly Cube19), JXT, Ratescalc, Recruiter Insider, Secured Signing, Sense, Workpro and 8×8 – to give the best experience possible to their clients and candidates.

In Grant’s words:

Advice for others looking to implement new technologies to build their tech stack
“The key to finding [technologies] is ensuring you understand what you need in the business both currently and in the future. Look past the shiny sales rep that’s selling it, and the shiny features which makes it look really good. Understand the bulk of what the system can do for you and how it’s going to work in your business. What impacts will it have from a consultant, client, and candidates point of view?”

On the importance of integration with Bullhorn
“The first question I ask when evaluating new vendors is ‘does it integrate with Bullhorn?’
If they don’t integrate we don’t use them.”

Results/impacts for Prestige Staffing
Some results Grant shared with us:

  • 30% year on year growth
  • 93% reduction in paid SEEK ads while increasing volume
  • 123% year on year increase in website traffic

He continues, “Can I attribute any one of those stats to one of the solutions? No, but the ecosystem as a whole has resulted in the business improving that much.”

Name the piece of tech that’s been the biggest game changer for Prestige Staffing
“For anyone running a temp business, Ratescalc is a must have. It’s understanding of awards gives ease of use from an owner or manager perspective and also from a consultant point of view to be able to generate quick quotes which you know are compliant. Ratescalc has been the single most important feature for us in the temp side of the business.”

Fuse Recruitment

When Tyson started Fuse Recruitment, ten years ago with his other two co-founders they made a decision to ensure they were on cloud-based technologies from the start. Today, they are utilising Bullhorn and Herefish by Bullhorn along with Marketplace partners, Astute Payroll, Broadbean, Bullhorn Analytics, Volcanic and Workpro.

In Tyson’s words:

Advice for others looking to implement new technologies to build their tech stack
“We didn’t always know we had a problem. We had to go do the research, talk to the people about what [solutions] they were offering to realise we had a problem. It’s great if you’re good enough to understand the problems, but if you don’t know, you sometimes have to get out there and make sure you’re engaging with the vendors to understand what they can offer and how they can assist your business.”

On the importance of integration with Bullhorn
“It’s the single biggest point to consider when you’re looking at bringing any tech into your business. I’d ask ‘how?’ – how it works, what the workflows look like, how and where do they integrate. Be very clear and have confidence [the solution] will work in your ecosystem.”

Results/impacts for Fuse Recruitment
Tyson fell back on an old saying here, “You can’t manage, what you can’t measure.”

“We’ve seen people using the database better. Bullhorn Analytics, has been transformational for our business because it meant every consultant wants to put data into the database leading to better data integrity and cleanliness. The real impact on business is getting better candidates out to more clients, leading to more placements.”

Name the piece of tech that’s been the biggest game changer for Fuse Recruitment
Bullhorn Analytics has had the largest impact on our performance. Bullhorn Analytics has been super influential in increasing consultant performance.”


Gert and the Talent team are just starting their partnership with Bullhorn, having made the decision to switch from Jobscience in late 2019. For Gert, as Digital Product & Innovation Director, it’s not just about Bullhorn. He is enhancing their bespoke customer platform ‘Engage’ while also assessing the many offerings available in the Marketplace to build up their new ecosystem.

In Gert’s Words:

Advice for others looking to implement new technologies to build their tech stack
“Learn from your mistakes. With Jobscience, we tried to make it a system that works for everyone. You can’t always please everyone, especially if it comes to customisation.
Now [Talent] don’t care if the solution does everything. We wanted a solid partner that was able to do the core of what we wanted it to do and make sure we could integrate and combine things in a way that we get the best in class from every single solution.”

On the importance of integrations with Bullhorn
“Your internal users are users too. They have the same expectations on user experience and frustrations if they are sent all over the place and don’t know where they are going. One of the key things of Bullhorn is working in a single interface and having everything in one place. Makes it clean, direct and easy to work with, so integrations are crucial.”

Benefit of a true partnership with technology vendors
“It is crucial. You don’t want to go into it if there is no trust and the only way to get trust is to build a relationship. Relationships start by trying to understand each other, in this situation it’s asking ‘what their product is, what’s the problem that the product can potentially solve?’ On the vendors side, understanding how our business operates and how their tech could fit in. Build up from there and get to the point where you can say ‘we trust each other and we’re willing to take the risk’. It’s almost impossible to [adopt new technologies] if you just keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.”

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