Faster decision making

Gain clarity of how every team and individual in your business is performing in real-time so you understand what is likely to happen and what can be done to improve the outcome.

Maximize performance

Achieve strategic goals faster while reducing burnout and wasted effort by leveraging Actionable Insights to ensure staff time is spent on the most valuable tasks.

Improve client value

Identify the clients that are good for your business and service them even more effectively to develop strong long-term client relationships

Individualized Dashboards

Real-time, customizable, automated dashboards that turn your valuable data into easy-to-understand actionable insights.

Simplify decision-making with real-time actionable insights ensuring that your people use their time on the most valuable tasks. More placements, improved contractor/temp redeployment rates, and better profits are achievable with your current team when you bring insights to the desk level.


Performance Management Analytics

Easy to use comparative reporting built for your recruitment business.

Visually compare individuals and teams over any metric, target, or ratio simultaneously for a detailed look at productivity across your business. Rank offices, teams, and users with leaderboards and update targets quickly.

Real-time Self-serve Reporting

Powerful and intuitive ad-hoc reporting created to answer any front or back-office question about your recruitment business.

Drag and drop to quickly and easily build custom reports without specialised knowledge. Designed for front office business users, enabling detailed, real-time reports about clients, jobs, candidates, and business performance in seconds.

Jobs Pipeline Management

Manage every single process in one place and instantly understand what’s going on with live and closed jobs.

Jobs Pipeline provides real-time, automated insights on live jobs, so you know which ones need attention and which ones look most likely to close.

Everyone can see the stage, value, and activity against jobs, which removes subjectivity from pipeline conversations, improves forecasting ability and contributes to an increased fill rate.

Visualise Trends

Uncover strategic insights and tell compelling stories with your data.

Analyze and visualise trends and compare metrics and ratios over any entity and period – including period over period comparisons. Bullhorn Analytics uses your historical and current data to look at how performance is trending over time so that you can make strategic and operational decisions with confidence.

Gamify Recruitment

Gamification screens that engage motivate and inspire healthy competition across your offices & teams.

Bullhorn Analytics brings your company branding, messaging & values to life. Incorporate leaderboards, trends & deal flashes as well as incentives, custom images & external web pages. Bullhorn Analytics gamification combined with our powerful data quality analytics drives excellent CRM adoption.

Bullhorn Partner Analytics

Value-centric insight into the usage and performance of turnkey Bullhorn Marketplace integrations.

An integrated tech stack needs an integrated data set. We’ve combined Marketplace data with Bullhorn data in one single dashboard. Bullhorn Analytics’s Marketplace Analytics provides a catalog of insights into the performance and usage of turnkey Bullhorn integrations, including Odro, Sourcebreaker, Cloudcall, TextUs, and more.

Data Configuration & Quality Monitoring

Incentivise Bullhorn adoption and a healthier dataset with an analytics platform configured to your needs.

Bullhorn Analytics can be configured to your needs to ensure accurate data & insights are delivered to everyone in the business in real-time. Bullhorn Analytics also monitors data quality and provides metrics so that errors and missing data are identified and corrected.

Why TriStarr trusts Bullhorn Analytics to help make informed business decisions

Hear how having access to the reporting data helped the team reduce time to fill, save money and identify areas for improved performance.

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Bullhorn Analytics has had a real impact on our business. I have much more clarity into the day to day happenings of the business. With one or two clicks, I can get an update on new business coming in and an update on closed business.
Scott Fiore, TriStarr President
Scott Fiore President, TriStarr
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Ready for highly scalable growth?

Bullhorn Analytics made Triple Crown Consulting more efficient

Check out the Triple Crown Consulting video to hear how Bullhorn Analytics has helped the team build successful relationships with both candidates and clients.

Our biggest focus this year is utilizing accountability, to show that we can beat [our numbers from] last year. It's gonna be harder than it's been the last couple of years. But, Bullhorn Analytics helps us with the accountability piece.
David Smith, Founder and COO, Triple Crown Consulting
David Smith Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Triple Crown Consulting

How Bullhorn Analytics enables Vaco to create reliable desk-level reports

With Bullhorn Analytics, Vaco has reduced the number of reporting resources they needed, resulting in time and cost savings.

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By using Bullhorn Analytics, you remove the burden of needing to build out individual reports and building out office-level reports, because you have that information at your fingertips.
Natalie updated
Natalie Halamar Senior Manager of Producer Applications, Vaco
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