Increase Efficiency – Automate the busy work

In a time where business development is more crucial than ever, giving your recruiters back time to build relationships is vital to business success. Bullhorn Automation makes it easy for modern recruitment agencies to automate workflows, processes, and communication throughout the entire recruiting cycle.

With Automation you can

boost productivity

improve data health

enhance candidate and client communication


Enhancing your productivity, data health and candidate and client experience will make your company more efficient and be the business people want to work with.

The Accordant Group has been utilising Bullhorn Automation to automate key activities throughout the recruitment workflow to remove the busy work and create processes that standardise interactions with candidate, contractors and sales contacts.

Our role is people focused, whether that’s client or candidate and our job is to nurture those relationships..so the time that we save by having the automations in place and allowing us to focus on that side of our job is really invaluable.
Jamie Cunningham Madison Recruitment, Consultant


Setting your agency up for success means having real-time Actionable Insights in the palm of your hand so that you and your colleagues can make fact-based decisions from anywhere. Being able to drill into your company’s performance metrics, unlock hidden revenue opportunities and identify risks any time, on any device will help you plan for change or opportunity.

Doing better business - Working with the right customers

Build long-term relationships with clients while increasing the profit generated from them by automatically identifying revenue opportunities that will improve the value. Bullhorn Analytics enables you access to actionable insights derived from your data to drive data-driven decisions.

Getting the most from your team

Gain clarity of how every team and individual in your business is performing in real-time so you understand what is likely to happen and what can be done to improve the outcome. Bullhorn Analytics gives you a richer and more accurate data set that allows for more advanced analysis of company, team and individual performance.

Bullhorn Analytics ensures that everybody in the business has a snapshot of what each person has been working on, how they're tracking. It gives us an easy way to measure success or figure out where we need to improve as well.
Jessica Karanfilovski Marketing Manager, FIRESOFT People

Maintain Connection – Engaging Talent Pools

As the labour market remains tight, agencies that are leading the way have a continued focus on talent pooling.


Continually attracting new candidates into the database can be a timely and expensive process. By having a consistently engaged talent pool you can set your agencies apart from your competitors.

It’s never been more important to create a continuous pipeline of talent. But how can you build a talent community in a way that’s personalised and scalable?

Bullhorns Connected Recruiting methodology will empower recruitment agencies to engage talent at every stage of the talent lifecycle. By leveraging Connected Recruiting best practices, you can meet talent expectations, build an ever-growing and consistently engaged talent pool, and stay the agency that talent wants to work with.

Benefits of Connected Recruiting

A more engaged talent pool

Effectively engage talent – from job boards and your database – with the right message at the right time.

Lower talent acquisition cost

Get more out of your job board spend and make more placements from the candidates already in your database with consistent communication from the start.

Higher redeployment rate

Nurture relationships and provide a seamless onboarding experience to increase candidate satisfaction and redeployment opportunities.

Better candidate satisfaction

Meet and exceed candidate demands by fostering strong relationships and providing clients with a consistent talent pool.

Ready to get started with the Connected Recruiting strategy?

Check out our introductory guide that will show you how to build a scalable and engaged talent community using Connected Recruiting best practices.