Why VMS Sync?

Bullhorn VMS Sync helps recruitment agencies grow their VMS business by automating job retrieval and candidate submittals so that they can work, submit, and place candidates more quickly.

Improve your VMS job win rates with faster candidate submissions

  • Accelerate your candidate submittal and placement rate by removing manual data entry.
  • Spend less time checking submissions for accuracy and more time submitting and closing jobs.
  • Expand your job pool with every job req automatically flowing into your ATS
  • Generate more revenue by placing more candidates

Increase recruiter productivity by automating tedious work

  • Eliminate the need to copy and paste data between systems
  • Focus your time on more meaningful work like scheduling interviews and deepening relationships
  • Improve your internal routing processes by removing time spent assigning and monitoring VMS jobs
  • Collect reqs from your VMS in real-time

Accurately track MSP SLAs/Scorecards

  • Improve client relationships and win new accounts
  • Increase speed of service by reducing reliance on manual data entry
  • Improve fill rates with increased data integrity

VMS Sync

Automate req retrieval into your ATS from 60+ VMSes

VMS Sync with Candidate Submittals

Automate submittals from Bullhorn ATS into your Fieldglass and Beeline VMSes

*More VMSes to come

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