The Problem

Today’s candidates expect a streamlined experience that matches their out of work life. They want real time access to information. They expect it to be fast, easy, and human – but too often top talent is lost during the recruitment process as poor experiences lead to drop off.

Our Solution

Bullhorn offers solutions that enable your agency to deliver a unified candidate experience through the entire recruitment lifecycle. From early engagement, to registration to onboarding – all designed to deliver high touch experiences that turn candidates into long-term employees.

Create Loyal Candidates

Provide an experience, candidates want to experience! Easy to use, mobile, flexible. Take the friction out of recruitment, and create candidates for life – driving greater redeployment and reducing your recruiter costs.

Automate High-Touch Outreach

Create automated high-touch candidate experiences that build lasting relationships while limiting the busy work.

Automation, Automation, Automation

With Bullhorn for Herefish, you can create simple automations that have a significant impact on the candidate experience – all with a few clicks. Automate communications to let your candidates know their application has been received, to send surveys following an assignment, and to let them know about similar opportunities coming up. Nurture your passive candidates and actively engage your active candidates to create a goldmine of talent.



Optimise for Mobile Communication

Increase your candidate response rates over traditional cold calls and emails. Text messages provide a 10x increase in response rates to speed up business communication. With Bullhorn Messaging you can manage text message campaigns, and one-to-one engagements from the same location.

Bullhorn Messaging

Connect at the Right Time

Wouldn’t it be great to know the best time to get in touch with a candidate? Or the last time you were in touch? With Bullhorn Pulse, you can dive deep into the relationship with any given candidate or client to unearth key insights that will help you connect more effectively.

Through implementing automation, we have been able to connect with so many more clients and candidates than ever before. This has ultimately given our recruiters more time on their hands to do what they do best, which is recruit.
Nicole Hart Fuse Recruitment

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