Supercharge your candidate sourcing.

Transform your job descriptions into a dynamic talent search engine with PitchMe’s AI-driven Candidate Sourcing technology. A combination of NLP, machine learning, and data integration techniques delivers a lightning-fast and precise candidate-sourcing process from more than 30 sources. The result is a more relevant pool of high-quality candidates with minimal input from the recruiter, and for a fraction of the cost. That means valuable time can be reallocated towards more important tasks, such as building new relationships or enhancing those with existing clients and candidates.

Make new hires from your old data.

Candidates don’t stop developing – neither should your database. PitchMe integrates with your ATS, identifies candidate profiles that need to be updated, and populates them with real-time information from all over the web. This data is then saved to your files and relevant fields, allowing you to personalize outreach campaigns, submit the best candidates, cut time spent sourcing, and ultimately complete hires. No more time-consuming manual updates. Lots more capacity to fill more roles.

Auto-generate accurate job descriptions.

PitchMe’s Job Description Generator empowers you to craft precise and compelling job descriptions effortlessly. Leveraging our click-and-fill technology, it swiftly produces high-quality descriptions, aiding you in pinpointing essential skills, distinguishing their listings, and attracting top-tier talent. This tool operates with remarkable speed, allowing you to obtain an exceptional, fully SEO-optimized document in under five minutes – an 80% time-saving compared to manual job description creation.

Parsing with limitless flexibility

Elevate your parsing capabilities with PitchMe’s LLM resume parser, designed to flexibly adapt to your distinct requirements. Unlike generic solutions, our parser integrates market data with your insights, offering an evolving experience. Whether sourcing for a healthcare role or optimizing hiring, our parser empowers you to customize the process precisely. This unmatched personalization guarantees optimal outcomes, putting you in control of your parsing needs.

Fewer tools for faster hiring

PitchMe seamlessly integrates with your Bullhorn ATS, addressing key challenges in HR tech implementations. Our tools streamline diverse hiring functions into a unified solution, fostering an end-to-end hiring experience and eliminating time wasted on tool-switching. This not only reduces inefficiencies and costs but it also boosts recruiter adoption, supported by our straightforward, user-friendly interface – a dual advantage that sets us apart.

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