We’ve grown by 150%, which is absolutely phenomenal. Our active workforce has grown by 50% since go-live and we’ve seen a 93% increase in gross profit per employee.
Darren Logue MD @Bluestones Medical


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Key Features

Mobile Access

Mobile solutions for workers to update availability, accept or reject shifts, request work, and increase their engagement during the hiring process.


Complex shift scheduling allows mass actions to create and fulfill large-scale orders, risk and fatigue management, and other functionalities.

Time Collection

Accurate time collection through mobile phones and an ability to integrate into more complex time collection systems, e.g., Kronos.

Rate Card Management

Rate card management for complex rate cards, creating operational excellence that drives pay and bill accuracy.

Timesheet Approval

Streamlined timesheet approval process to drive speed in the payroll and billing processes and improve data accuracy.

Reporting & Analytics

Easy access to real-time actionable insights to help your team make the right decisions for your business.”

Helping You Achieve Digital Transformation

Easily manage complexity and compliance within shift scheduling and resource optimisation – Improve the order and fulfillment process by allowing for quick order creation of any scale and intelligent matching to workers. Find the right people for the job and place them in minutes while considering each role’s compliance and health and safety rules.

Drive Pay & Bill accuracy with digitised timekeeping –  Create accurate timesheets that take less time to approve and result in faster pay and bill due to the digitized nature of clocking in and out through mobile apps. Create easier, digitised timesheet approval portals and take out the middleman work.

Redeploy more workers via innovative worker engagement solutions and operational excellence – Give your workers the chance to connect with you 24/7 and asynchronously, whether to look for work, accept shifts, tell you they’re on their way, or view their hours worked. Allow your workers access to their commercial relationship with you on their own time and create a sticky experience that leads to better redeployment.

Get real-time actionable reporting & analytics  – Stop flying blind on operations and create actionable real-time data insights. Your team should not be scrambling to get visibility across all the data in the organization. They should be analyzing it, building relationships and focusing on process improvement.

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