Recruitment agencies face a tremendous opportunity today to grow their business as the demand for talent reaches new highs. To take advantage of this opportunity, agencies must navigate through the obstacles of a historic talent shortage, evolving candidate expectations, and fierce competition, all of which have raised the stakes of providing an incredible experience for your team, your talent, and your clients.

As the Industry Evolves, New Challenges Emerge:

The Battle For Talent

Labour market growth, the ‘great resignation’, and the pandemic have created the perfect talent storm.

Increasing Expectations from the Modern Worker

The modern worker wants the flexibility to interact on their terms, and they expect a high-touch/high-tech experience.

The Rise of Online Platforms

Online talent platforms have shown what a digital talent experience can look like, and their lower cost to serve will challenge the recruitment sector.

With Challenges, Come Big Opportunities for Growth:

There’s an incredible opportunity for agencies to change the way they deliver a high-touch, high-tech experience. The businesses that embrace digital transformation and adapt their strategies to the current market dynamics are growing fast.


Meet the Moment and Accelerate Your Business Growth.

Give your teams the digital leverage to supercharge their efforts, enabling them to create a better talent experience, and ultimately, exceed your clients’ expectations.

How to Meet the Moment Now:

Pair Bullhorn’s talent-centric technology with the power of the human touch to transform the way you deliver for your talent and clients.


to deliver better customer service, reduce mistakes, and redeploy talent

Create a single source of truth for and future-proof your business against threats and uncertainties.


to reduce manual activity and outrun the competition

Reduce manual processes and improve efficiency, enabling your team to spend more time building talent relationships and scale your business without adding headcount.


your candidates to engage in self-service

Give candidates control of their work-life with a self-service mobile experience that keeps them engaged and invested. Put their future in their hands.

Learn how your business can digitally transform and Meet the Moment in 2022