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Within the confines of these new regulations it's no surprise that the way your agency communicates and engages with both candidates and clients will change.

What are your key differentiators against your competitors?

In an increasingly competitive market, how can your agency stand out from the crowd? Take the time to identify your key differentiators, your unique selling points, and build a strong brand that reflects these. If your agency goes that step further and provides services like reskilling or reporting, be sure to incorporate this into your brand.

What’s your online presence like?

Is your agency proactive online? And does your online activity communicate your unique selling points? In this digital age, it’s never been easier to utilise social media channels to engage with others in our industry; create, like, comment on, and share relevant thought-provoking content. Be sure to invest in content and activity that is value-add oriented.

Do your consultants live and breathe your brand?

We often look at candidate profiles to make an assessment but remember they’re actively assessing us in the same way too. Make sure your recruiters reflect your agency’s brand online and establish themselves – and by extension, your company – as reliable and knowledgeable sources of expertise for candidates and clients alike.

Experience Is Everything

It is essential for recruiters to provide the best candidate experience possible to keep candidates happy, boosting referrals, and coming back.

This might seem simple enough, but did you know:

  • 20% of agencies place less than 15% of candidates on their next assignment
  • ⅓ redeploy fewer than 25% of existing candidates.

Source:2018 UK Recruitment Trends Report


Make sure you have top-notch onboarding and redeployment processes in place to keep candidate engagement streamlined and to notify you when candidates become available.

Developing Candidate Sourcing Strategy

Now that it’s harder to source due to tightened regulations that restrict the ways you can approach candidates, it’s vital that you develop a strong sourcing strategy. Here are some key ways you can easily develop a top-notch strategy.


Turn to social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Xing, or Twitter. After all, 48 per cent of candidates used social media to search for their most recent job.


Join and explore relevant online communities such as GitHub and Stack Overflow, especially when sourcing technical candidates.


Have some great websites, apps, and extensions in your arsenal, e.g., Yippy, Indeed, SimplyHired, Owler, HootSuite, Hootlet etc.

Use What You Have At Your Disposal

Be sure to utilise what you have at your disposal by unlocking hidden data. Prioritise reporting to make sure your efforts to implement GDPR compliance strategies are continuously monitored. To keep abreast of these top post-GDPR recruitment tips, you need to know your business inside and out.

Unlocking key insights hidden in this data can enable you to understand your business better and create a community of shared and accessible data within your organisation, something of particular value when resourcing under the new GDPR regulations.

Invest in an analytics suite to understand the size of your database, business health, employee performance, time spent, and available resources.

Turn Your CRM from Good to Great

You’ve already invested in software to make recruiting more efficient. But why just use your CRM for the basics? Why not make it another secret weapon in your post-GDPR toolkit?

Strong opt-in/opt-out/export features can help you leverage the data you already have, to engage candidates, run nurturing campaigns, know when people are coming off of jobs, and re-engage them.

You can also consider additional technologies that plug in to your CRM and help drive further value right away.


Herefish helps turn forgotten candidates into a valuable talent pool  – drive engagement and place more candidates.


Herefish helps turn forgotten candidates into a valuable talent pool  – drive engagement and place more candidates.

Simply put, Bullhorn allows us the flexibility and freedom to put our stakeholders’ experience first. It's our lifeline to initially sourcing candidates. We couldn’t run our business effectively without Bullhorn.
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