Bullhorn VMS Sync

Bullhorn VMS Sync automatically imports and updates job records into your ATS – within 10 seconds or less – so you can outpace and outperform the competition as your people focus on work that matters.

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Increase Productivity and Efficiency with VMS Automation

Gain a competitive edge over firms that still manually manage VMS jobs
Grow your business by increasing submittal volumes, placement volumes, and fill-rates
Drastically reduce cost and eliminate errors caused by managing VMS updates manually

Bullhorn VMS Sync Helps You Eliminate Manual Processes

Rapid VMS automation, with an average req delivery time of 10 seconds or less

Automatically assign jobs to the correct employees

Real time job importing for accurate, up-to-date information

Nightly automated auditing to ensure there are no discrepancies

“[Bullhorn VMS Sync] has made using Bullhorn faster and more convenient - I am much more productive not having to click from one tab to the other.”

Sarah Dunsmore
Account Manager, Raso Solutions

VMS Platform Integrations

Out-of-the-box functionality enables you to integrate with the most common data points and retrieve any custom fields. Self-service setup of new VMS accounts allows for a quick and seamless onboarding experience.

Integrations with 65 VMS platforms (and growing!), including:

Bullhorn VMS Sync for Healthcare

Bullhorn VMS Sync was built with Healthcare in mind to ensure you secure quality providers ahead of the competition. In addition to automatically importing jobs directly into the Bullhorn ATS, a configuration dashboard increases efficiencies and recruiter productivity. Automated and self-service facility mapping eliminates time lost waiting on lengthy support tickets and facilities requests, and out-of-the-box skill and specialty parsing cleans up otherwise “dirty” data from the VMS so recruiters can focus on filling more jobs, faster.

Start Growing Your Business With Bullhorn

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