87% of Security Executives Believe that Software-as-a-Service Will Replace Enterprise Software for Mission Critical Applications

“The changing dynamics of risk management, outsourcing and the opportunity for cloud computing were all subjects hotly debated by senior security professionals participating in the London meeting of the CSO Interchange, a high level forum geared to discussing hot topics of the day which took place last Thursday. The overall theme for the day was ‘Getting smart: managing business better in the new economics’ and certainly economic pressures were a consistent undercurrent throughout the day’s discussion groups. The current economic downturn was seen as the greatest risk to organisations today and over 41% listed this as a more significant security risk than threats to data security from disgruntled employees or cyber crime attacks. Against this backdrop SaaS and Cloud Computing were seen as opportunities that would grow significantly over the next five years.” Click here to read the full article.

This Bullhorn Blog post was written by Jane Folwell.

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