Back to the Future at Bullhorn Live


21st October 2015: the day of Bullhorn Live was upon us. It was also Back to the Future Day, celebrating the date Marty McFly visited, in his time-travelling DeLorean, in the Back to the Future sequel of 1989.

At Bullhorn Live this year it was clear that no one from 1989, not even Marty McFly, could have predicted how much further into the future we’d have flown by now. With 2015’s Bullhorn Live theme, The Future is Today, Bullhorn sped through time in its own trusty DeLorean to bring the future of Recruitment CRM to us, right here in London.

So, what did we learn at Bullhorn Live 2015? Gazing into the Bullhorn crystal ball, here are just some of the highlights:

Art Papas, Bullhorn CEO, kicked off the day looking into the future, with his vision for Bullhorn 2016. Then, at the Roadmap Keynote, we looked at the concepts of Bullhorn’s future in more detail:

  • Bullhorn Connect using Automatic Data Capture to streamline candidate engagement,
  • Bullhorn Pulse monitoring the health of contact relationships to provide valuable insight,
  • Pulse Playbook the one-stop shop for all the intelligence you require to truly know your contacts,
  • The Account Health Index reacting to trigger words based on the voice of your customer, to measure engagement and sentiment.

We continued to look ahead with the Bullhorn Customer Panel, where the auditorium resounded with open interaction between our user panel and the audience.

The Bullhorn Marketplace Partners were also on hand to demonstrate how Bullhorn users can benefit by using their products. And, at the Bullhorn Hub, they were joined by Bullhorn Brains to provide a hands-on experience for guests wanting to see Bullhorn products in action.

bh live board

What’s coming next?

Not Just a Recruitment CRM is where we met the Bullhorn products of the future Career Portal, Bullhorn VMS Slingshot, Bullhorn Connect. We also talked about exciting changes to Bullhorn Onboarding.

The Innovation Throwdown

At the Innovation Throwdown the guests get to choose what Bullhorn should work on next. Bullhorn experts present ideas for future product development, then the audience votes for the one to go into immediate development. This year Bullhorn’s SalesDuel took the gold medal. It’s Bullhorn’s Fantasy CRM Tournament – the new way to drive workforce competition. Click here to find out more.

Party like Martycake

At the end of the information-packed day, we put down our pens and partied, Back to the Future-style. It was a blast from the past. We played with Scalextric, Pac Man and Tetris machines, we jived to the retro sounds of Raf Band, and we enjoyed Edible Orb Mists, with cocktails from the Eighties. Then we then sliced up the DeLorean, because our car was a cake! Lip-licking vanilla-filled sponge with plenty of marzipan bodywork. That’s right: at Bullhorn Live 2015, we ate a car.

Save the Date

Bullhorn invites you to save the date in your future, for the next Bullhorn Live. Put 19th October 2016 into your calendar, because that’s when we’ll be back to show you the future of Recruitment CRM, the Bullhorn way.

If you’re keen to find out how Bullhorn can boost the future of your business, follow this link to chat with us.

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