Bullhorn Revenue Calculator: How Much More Money Could Your Firm Make?

Did you know that staffing and recruiting agencies that use automated, end-to-end recruiting software can increase their annual revenues by 35%? And that an agency with 10 recruiters who continually stop work to deal with interruptions in their day could be losing $272,000 a year in potential revenue? On which side of the revenue equation do you want to be?

We’ve interviewed numerous customers and (with their full support, of course) studied the actual revenue improvements they saw after switching to Bullhorn. We’ve taken that data and, working with an independent research company, generated a unique Revenue Calculator that you can use to determine how much new revenue your firm could be making using the Bullhorn ATS/CRM.

If you’re currently using a system other than Bullhorn, try out our calculator to see how much money you’re leaving on the table. And if you’re interested in learning how we can help you grow your revenue, please contact us.

Click below to visit the calculator:


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