How do you find the time for all these social networks?

As I opened my email this morning I had another social network invite to something called BEBO. Do you find yourself saying, ‘’If one more person invites me to ANOTHER social network…”? I think I have gotten them all, LinkedIn, Spoke, Facebook, Plaxo and now I have heard it all… BEBO.

In the past I was willing to connect to these various networks and I did sign up for all these sites and tried my best to make a go at it time after time. However, I found LinkedIn to provide me the best tools for sourcing and researching sales prospects. SO.. I was extremely happy when we were able to enhance our LinkedIn integration on Clients inside Bullhorn… have you used it? If not check it out. This allows you to see how many connections you have to people at this company EVEN if they are NOT in your system. Think of how many new candidates and clients are just waiting in LinkedIn for you? Go to the little IN button on the top right of a company profile.

LinkedIn is the best social network for the staffing industry in my humble opinion. It allows you to easily get names of people by job title or company alone. I know we all know that it is best to hunt for the passive resumes, this is your “link” to them. This is also a great connection to those key decision makers. Go ahead, jump on and start searching for folks.. you will be AMAZED at what you will find. Need something to get you started? Click on my link, get signed in and then… go into all of your prospects in Bullhorn and find connections you do not already have in Bullhorn!


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