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While staffing firms across the globe are forced to re-examine the way they do business in light of the recent global events, we understand that you still have a commitment to your clients and candidates to be as effective as possible. With that in mind, here is a spotlight from our Global Changemakers series, highlighting those who have successfully navigated a technology change within their business.

The Planet Group was founded in 2009 during a difficult time for the economy. In order to get the business up and running, Planet chose a lightweight recruitment platform that provided basic functionality at a reasonable cost.  However, as the organisation grew and added new brands, Ashley and her team realised that their technology was not built to grow along with them.

Time to Make a Change

The Planet Group wanted to leverage tools that could truly help the organisation. Many of their team members had previously used Bullhorn and strongly recommended it. Through a detailed vetting process, including referrals and demos, the team decided on Bullhorn as the best solution to streamline their technology and expand their brand.

We scaled to a level where we realised we couldn’t successfully operate in a system that didn’t work for us. The previous system did the bare minimum, which sufficed, but it didn’t do anything to propel us into success. To be the best, we had to invest in the best. We needed a system that didn’t just host our data, but a system that interacted with it.
Ashley Porter The Planet Group

Roadblocks to Progress

In order to successfully make the transition to Bullhorn, The Planet Group utilised a team of implementers who understood the importance of the change. Planet consistently communicated the improvements in progress to ensure that everyone was kept up-to-date and had input throughout the process. 

There’s always a period of adjustment and adoption. It could be the best system in the world, but as with any transition, people are required to change their everyday line of thinking and dedicate the time to learn.
Ashley Porter The Planet Group

Leadership expressed concerns about a lull or decrease in business activity during the transition to the new technology. Ashley and her team worked diligently with leadership to eliminate any possible disruptions to business flow and productivity. She made sure that everyone had a seat at the table when making decisions, from Sales and Recruitment to HR and Accounting, across the global regions they served.

Reaping the Benefits

By changing their technology, The Planet Group sought to increase the quality and speed of delivery. They analysed production differences between their old system and Bullhorn, including streamlined processes and workflows, the volume of jobs and placements added to ensure they made positive impacts. When they started to analyse their success rate after the first 3-6 months, they saw significant improvements across the board.

The user experience is unparalleled. The ability to interact with our data drives strategic business decisions on a global scale. The technologies and the platform are seamless. Each and every new employee has expressed how user-friendly and smooth of a transition it has been.
Ashley Porter The Planet Group

In the three years since the change, Planet developed their own ongoing educational materials to highlight key differences and to minimise any areas of difficulty. The implementation team still meets regularly to help the organisation leverage the Bullhorn suite and Marketplace partners in the most efficient way.

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global changemakers

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