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Below is a spotlight from our Global Changemakers series, highlighting those who have successfully navigated a technology change within their business. To read more stories, visit our Global Changemakers series.

When Kate joined Inside Recruitment in 2018, her role was to ensure that all candidates, clients, and internal staff enjoyed a refreshingly personal experience. Her first goal was to design a ‘Candidate Experience Program’ so that all their people would have a consistent, positive experience both pre- and post-placement. 

Time to Make a Change

As Kate went to different parts of the business to understand their processes for reporting and monitoring the candidate and client experience, she found that while they had a high standard for service, the systems weren’t used to their full potential. The team adapted their own offline tools to manage their candidates and clients, resulting in unreliable data in their ATS. To emulate their success in candidate satisfaction across the business as it grew, Kate knew things would need to change.

Offline management tools had reduced the quality and integrity of the data in our system and, in turn, people didn’t trust the system to provide them with the right information, creating a cycle of poor information and data. For us to roll out a candidate experience program that included both service delivery from our consultants and future use of automation, we needed to ensure that our data was clean and reliable.
Kate Condick Inside Recruitment

Roadblocks to Progress

With her previous experience working at a large recruitment agency, Kate saw the importance of capturing all candidate and client data within the ATS. However, each member of the team used their own method of data entry and since the agency wasn’t measuring performance using insights from the ATS, key features of the system were not fully utilised. Also, the system wasn’t completely integrated with their timesheet, payroll, or accounting systems, presenting the team with further challenges.

Trying to make changes to a process embedded for several years proved to be challenging. Poor data entry habits had grown across the business.
Kate Condick Inside Recruitment

Despite the initial cost factor, Inside Recruitment called in the services of Kyloe Partners to assist in the reinvention and configuration of their back-end processes. This gave them access to experienced consultants to ensure they were implementing best practices for their business. By working with senior leadership as well as the wider team, Kate was able to identify where they needed to make changes to deliver the true “people experience” to everyone involved with Inside Recruitment.

Reaping the Benefits

Since overhauling their internal processes and improving their usage of Bullhorn, the business has seen major time savings throughout the recruitment process. The team is able to place candidates in half the time and there is no double-entry of information into different systems that aren’t connected, allowing for more accurate weekly reporting in the ATS and more consistent metrics tracking. The finance team is more integrated with the rest of the business via the back end, resulting in a better experience for internal staff. 

By successfully removing offline manual processes, it has freed up more of our team’s time and reduced errors now that we look to one system for all our placement data.
Kate Condick Inside Recruitment

Looking forward, Kate continues to work towards her broader goal of providing the best experience for all candidates, clients, and internal staff by looking into where automation can further accelerate business processes at Inside Recruitment.

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global changemakers

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