Honouring the SIA Global Power 150 — Women in Staffing


For the fourth year in a row,  Staffing Industry Analysts has highlighted the accomplishments of many of the most influential and innovative leaders in the recruitment industry with their Global Power 150 — Women in Staffing list, an honour Bullhorn is thrilled to sponsor.

As more and more studies indicate a troubling imbalance in leadership positions across the global workforce, it’s more important than ever to spotlight female representation in the industry and to highlight the many exemplary professionals in leadership positions.

“Around the globe, the fight to increase female representation continues as women are outnumbered in leadership positions, boardrooms and the upper echelons of business. It continues to be essential that we recognise female leadership and call out the immensely important roles these women play in developing, driving and delivering solutions, work models and value for the industry.
Subadhra Sriram Staffing Industry Analysts


150 incredible women in the recruitment industry were selected in total, with representatives from Adecco, Allegis, ALKU, ManpowerGroup, and many other staffing companies, large and small. Many of these leaders are Bullhorn customers and two of this year’s honorees—Janette Marx and Anne Heraty—are also winners of the Bullseye, Bullhorn’s annual award for recruitment innovators.

This year's SIA Global Power 150 – Women in Staffing list is comprised of some truly exemplary leaders in the global staffing and recruiting industry, and these leaders should be proud of their tremendous accomplishments.
Art Papas Bullhorn

Learn from the Best — Insights from the Global Power 150

Want to learn from the cream of the crop? We’ve had the opportunity to interview many of the women selected to the Global Power 150—and they have invaluable insights to share. Click on any of the honorees below to read or watch their interviews.

Read on for some curated insights from this year’s honorees.

April Pish, CEO, Update Inc, on Taking Risks

Read Our Interview with April Pish


“Staffing firms become less efficient when they fail to innovate and fail to take risks.  What worked 10 years ago will not work today.

In addition, efficiency is impacted when a company allows people to work in silos. The best way to improve efficiency is having every employee understand what your business goals are on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

Allow everyone to have a place at the table regardless of their position.  Give employees the opportunity to express their ideas and truly listen to them.  

The firms with a one-size-fits-all mentality and unwillingness to adopt new technology will slowly fade away as more innovative staffing firms enter the competitive landscape.”

Robin Mee, Founder and President, Mee Deby, on Building Relationships

Read Our Interview with Robin Mee


“A common misconception is that new business is the magic bullet.  People underestimate that the real opportunity exists in expanding existing relationships.

Both are important, but focusing on enhanced customer experiences might be a better investment.  Just like the cost associated with losing an employee, the cost of replacing an existing business relationship is high in both hard and soft dollars.”

Janette Marx, CEO, Airswift, on Leading a Global Team

Read Our Interview with Janette Marx


“Leading a global team and working across multiple countries and continents makes you aware of all the differences in cultures. Shifting my communication style to ensure I was heard and understood in different locations was critical to driving our initiatives successfully.”

Lisa Maxwell, Managing Partner, Gerard Stewart, on Company Culture

Read Our Interview with Lisa Maxwell


Because people are the core of what they do, culture is exponentially more important for a staffing company than for other types of business.”

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