How to Create World-Class Data Culture in Your Recruitment Agency

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A world-class data culture is the foundation for the intelligent use of insights in any business, including in a recruitment agency. By not only providing your team with the right insights but explaining how this information will allow them to be more successful, we can transform adding data into Bullhorn from an administrative task to a revenue-generating strategy.

As cube19 CEO Dan McGuire said in a recent Bullhorn Engage presentation, “Good decisions based on bad data are just bad decisions you don’t know about yet.”

Remember: The data-driven mindset must begin at C-suite and be clearly communicated to every single person in your business to achieve the desired cultural change.

World-Class Data Culture: From Data As an Administrative Follow Up Task To Data As a Revenue Generating Strategy

Establishing a ‘world-class data culture’ is a big claim, and it can be overwhelming to know where to start or whether your recruitment agency already has the tools to achieve this. To simplify for the best course of action, we can divide it into three steps:

  • Deep Staffing Intelligence for Al

Providing everyone with a recruitment-specific intelligence platform that can simply and quickly capture, analyse, and present your front-office data to show your team what actions they should take next to have the best possible chance of success.

  • Adaptive Platform

You should be able to rapidly implement new systems and have them fully adapt to your business and your processes, so your people don’t have to change the way they work.

  • Revenue-Generating Data Strategy

Creating the link between adding data into Bullhorn and generating revenue across your entire organisation is key, and showing your people what’s in it for them is the best way to do that.

Once you have achieved these, you can be confident that you’re on the road to achieving a world-class data culture.

But what do these phrases actually mean?


Deep Recruitment Intelligence for All

No matter how hard you and your recruiters work to add data to Bullhorn, if you don’t have a recruitment-specific reporting platform that can unlock actionable insights, then you are undoubtedly limited in your ability to maximise the results.

It is imperative that every single member of your team has fast access to an automated reporting platform that focuses all efforts on the most profitable client and candidate activities.

Automating the flow of data in your business and achieving a world-class data culture go hand in hand. Once your recruiters begin to see adding data to Bullhorn as a revenue-generating strategy, they will understand how creating a quality data set helps them achieve their objectives.

Through automating their Bullhorn reporting, Triple Crown was able to gain universal speed of awareness that allowed their business to outpace the competition – something that a recruitment company working from labour-intensive manual reporting will never achieve.

Adaptive Platform

Your reporting platform should be configured to meet the unique needs of your business and processes seamlessly at every level.

It’s important to always apply a forward-thinking mentality. Your reporting solution might work today, but what are your growth objectives? Will your reporting system meet the needs of your business and data strategy in 6 months, let alone 2 years? Your business naturally changes over time, and you’ll need to measure new activities and analyse different types of data as you evolve. An adaptive platform evolves with you.

That means your analytics platform being able to work with complex or custom workflows in Bullhorn and having the ability to fully adapt to the requirements of your business now and in the future, which will save you from the costly disruption of changing systems or enforcing your people to change the way they operate.

eHire used cube19 to rebuild their reporting processes so that they were completely aligned to their Bullhorn workflows. They were able to increase contractor redeployment by 134% with faster decisions through identifying trends, measuring expectations, and using the insights as a sounding board for the performance conversations they have each month.

Revenue-Generating Strategy

In order to ensure your recruiters maximise their return on effort, you must emphasise the connection between the quality of underlying data and the level of success in the business so that they apply it to their recruiting process and pay constant attention to data in their everyday routine. When data is the most prized currency in your business, you are well on your way to creating a world-class data culture.

With the help of automated Bullhorn reporting, your recruitment agency can uncover more opportunities, make faster decisions, and improve overall performance without asking or needing your people to work harder or longer. In fact, many cube19 customers are seeing their people reduce the hours they work whilst simultaneously improving results.

Adoption and morale dramatically improve when your people feel like your systems genuinely help them to achieve their goals and objectives. When they feel the results at desk level, they can truly see its benefit, and that breeds further engagement.

This creates the cycle from high adoption to revenue generation and results in a world-class data culture.

Ask yourself, how confident are you that:

  1. Every member of your team has access to and makes intelligent use of your key business data every time they need to make a decision?
  2. New systems that you implement will adapt to your business and not force your people to change the way they operate so that you achieve immediate and seamless adoption?
  3. Your team connects the quality of the underlying data they capture and the level of success and reward they enjoy?

If your answer to any of these is anything other than “Extremely Confident”, then it’s definitely time to consider making a change to achieve your all-encompassing world-class data culture.

After all, a world-class data culture delivers world-class data upon which you base your most important business decisions.


If you’d like to find out more about the tools available to help you achieve a world-class data culture in your recruitment agency, get in touch.

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