How Will You Choose to Challenge the Recruitment Industry in 2021 to Help Forge a Gender-Equal World?

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The theme of International Women’s Day (IWD) 2021 is Choose to Challenge and working towards a gender-equal world.  For recruitment leaders, overcoming challenges, increasing diversity, and investing in reskilling are all top-of-mind as leaders choose to challenge the industry this year.

We asked attendees of this year’s SIA Executive Forum North America to share their thoughts on the IWD theme, specifically how they will choose to challenge the recruitment industry in 2021.

Read on for their insights, including why diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is vital to the industry:


How will you choose to challenge the recruitment industry in 2021 to help forge a gender-equal world?


“Commit that every slate of candidates that we present to our clients will represent diversity.”

Robin Mee, President, Mee Derby


“I continue to share and highlight female success stories on social media, and our leadership team is majority female.  We continue to promote DEI efforts across the board.”

Natasha Lee, CEO, Floyd Lee Locums


“To recognise that more than 60% of our particular industry is represented by women, and in accordance with this, we need to ensure that women are advanced to the top echelons of business through a systematic and intentional career path program.  We need an equitable representation of women beyond the administrative layers of the organisation only. “

Kay Vittee, Managing Portfolio Executive, Adcorp Holdings Limited


“I choose to challenge the staffing industry to act with more intent and less out of habit. The industry is filled with talented individuals whose voices are strong and will continue to create the future path of this vibrant industry.  Let’s ensure there is gender parity as well as diversity in the most senior positions and on our executive boards.”

Lauren Griffin, Senior Vice President, Volt Workforce Solutions


“I choose to challenge my fellow business leaders to invest in re-skilling and upskilling for female workers, particularly those employed in sectors that have been most affected by the pandemic.”

Karen Fichuk, CEO, Randstad North America


“I will ensure equality in all our hiring practices, including our candidates, and will work closely with our employees and clients to ensure they understand that a diverse community including gender equality stimulates diversity of thought which leads to better business outcomes as well as career fulfillment.”

Kerry Barrett, President, WunderLand Group


We are spotlighting Australian recruitment leaders who have challenged themselves and their teams and elevated the recruitment industry. To read their stories and learn more about women in recruitment, International Women’s Day, and Choosing to Challenge in 2021, click here.

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