Joining Bullhorn and Getting a Taste of Recruiting

This is my first post to the Bullhorn Blogger, so a quick introduction. My name is Phil Costa, and I recently joined Bullhorn as Sr. Director of Product Management. I’m excited to be part of the Bullhorn team and am looking forward to getting to know more of our customers, both this Fall and at Bullhorn Live in February. One of the main jobs I’ve had since joining Bullhorn has been to expand the product management team. Our website lists some of the positions we’re trying to fill as we gear up for the next round of product innovations. But as every manager knows, if you want to find great people you have to actively recruit, so that’s what I’ve been doing. Luckily, as a Bullhorn insider, I have access to the next-generation sourcing tools we now have in limited beta. They’ve helped me mine the resumes we have in our candidate database and search the popular job boards. We’re not ready to reveal these new tools publicly, but I believe we are on the road to changing the way recruiters source candidates, and I can’t wait to hear customers’ reaction when we roll them out.LinkedIn has also proven an invaluable tool. Probably no surprise to most of you, but promoting our open positions to my network has turned up a number of good leads. But while I’ve been happy with the results, spending so much time using LinkedIn has led me to the conclusion that there’s a lot more Bullhorn could be doing to expose the power of social networks to recruiters. What if you could navigate your social network from inside Bullhorn? What if Bullhorn could match people in your network with the job you’re trying to fill? What if your candidates or colleagues were motivated to use their social network to help you fill open jobs? These are just some of the possibilities we’re discussing internally, but now I’d like to leverage this network. How would you like to see Bullhorn taking advantage of social networks to improve sourcing?This Bullhorn Blog post was written by Phil Costa.

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