How Mobile Recruitment Improves Recruiter Productivity

mobile recruitment

Everyone has a mobile device and is on that device for multiple hours each day. Why not build mobile devices into your overall recruitment strategy? 

It’s important to note that when we mention mobile recruitment, we are referring to using a mobile device to access either a native mobile app for your chosen ATS or a web-based version of your ATS. Native apps are ideal as they typically have enhanced functionality in a more stable environment.

The first component of any mobile recruitment workflow is the applicant tracking system (ATS). The ATS must be accessed via a mobile device to work while away from the desk. Without mobile connectivity into the ATS, it becomes difficult to implement a mobile recruitment strategy fully. Once you have a fully integrated mobile recruitment strategy, your team will start to see noticeable gains in productivity and overall efficiency.

Here’s why a mobile recruitment strategy is crucial:

Ensure Recruiter Preparedness 

As a recruiter or salesperson, you need to do your job wherever you are, whether that’s at a client site, during your commute, or at home while watching television. Without easy access to your ATS and important data, meeting your clients’ needs or candidates becomes a much more time-consuming task.

With mobile recruitment, you can take your entire database of leads, candidates, contacts, and clients with you. Easily review important details before walking into a client meeting or quickly contact a candidate after that meeting to give them more information about an open role. By having all of your records accessible on your mobile phone, you’re always armed with the latest information if an important contact reaches out while you’re away from the desk. 

Incorporating mobile technology into your recruiter workflow improves overall productivity by enabling you to get work done regardless of if you’re in the office or not. 

Create A Single Source of Truth

How many times have you found yourself leaving a meeting at a client’s office, heading back to your desk, and then immediately moving on to another task while all of the information from that client meeting fades away? 

With the incorporation of a mobile device into your overall recruiter workflow, you can track and record important details from that client meeting into your ATS from your mobile device so nothing is lost and everything can be reviewed at a later time, by either yourself as a reminder or by a colleague to get up to speed. 

Accessing your ATS via a mobile device also helps creates a single source of truth of important information, so everyone on your team has all of the necessary information about a particular record, rather than information living within a notebook, another app on your phone, or somewhere else entirely. With the ability to add information right into the ATS from your phone, you can capture details that might otherwise have been forgotten. 

Increase Engagement with Candidates

Utilising mobile devices as part of your recruitment workflow doesn’t stop with the client-side of the relationship. A key component of any mobile recruitment strategy is incorporating mobile technology in candidate communication, such as text messaging. By having ATS access from your mobile phone, you can easily contact candidates from wherever you are, which will improve the candidate experience. 

Has a candidate ever emailed you a question after business hours or over the weekend? While work/life balance is certainly important, it’s also a value-add for your business to have access to all of the relevant information while away from the desk so you can answer important questions no matter when or where. 

Perhaps a candidate contacts you on Sunday night asking for details about their new job that they’re starting on Monday morning. Without a mobile recruitment strategy, that question may go unanswered until you get to your desk the next day. However, an ATS at your fingertips allows you to leverage all of that important information to help your candidate right away. 

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mobile recruitment

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