The Top 3 Trends in Mobile Recruiting

The use of mobile devices in the staffing industry has skyrocketed over the past few years, and it only continues to grow. If you haven’t jumped on the mobile recruitment bandwagon, you’re at risk of getting left in the dust watching your competitors walk away with what could have been your perfect candidate. People are always on the move and don’t necessarily have the time to sit down at their desktop to search for jobs or connect with recruiters, not to mention the fact that it’s far more secure for an employed candidate to peruse jobs on the train home, out of view from prying co-workers. And mobile recruiting is not just about people searching for jobs, it’s also about the people helping the jobseekers find one.

We’re living in the era of smartphones and tablets.

Having information and data at your fingertips is a necessity these days for recruiters and salespeople. When you’re on the road, on your way to meet up with your candidate or client, you need access to your database in case you need to log information or prepare yourself for the meeting. With Bullhorn Mobile, you have that insight and access to real-time client, contact, and candidate information. Did you know that 62% of salespeople and recruiters believe that mobile recruiting is the top trend in staffing and recruiting in? If you haven’t caught on to the mobile recruiting phenomenon by now, then it’s time to give it some thought.

From a candidate experience perspective, having a mobile-optimized career portal is a necessity.

There’s nothing worse than finding a great job post after searching all over the Web on your smartphone or tablet, but needing access to a desktop or laptop to proceed with the application process. 40% of candidates abandon non-mobile friendly application processes. That is a huge amount of candidates that you might never come across because they’re flocking to your competitors who make it easy for them to apply. Bullhorn Reach offers staffing companies a branded, mobile-friendly career portal that integrates with the Bullhorn ATS. Candidates can apply right from within your portal saving both parties a lot of time and effort.

A mobile platform with a clean, intuitive UI drives user adoption and streamlines efficiency.

A system that is confusing or cluttered with useless information will cause recruiters or salespeople to lose valuable time deciphering it all. Notice that every aspect of a mobile device is extremely user-friendly because people want to complete tasks on-the-go as quickly as possible. Bullhorn Mobile offers a simplistic, intuitive UI that allows for high user adoption and its ease of use permits the recruiter or salesperson to quickly accomplish any tasks they may have. Over the last year alone, Bullhorn has seen an increase of 68% in traffic to Bullhorn Mobile.

Mobile recruiting is here to stay. It’s completely changing the staffing and recruiting industry and there’s no sign of this trend ending anytime soon, so get on board!

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